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  4. To think I was hoping to be able to run the next chapters of "Underhell" on my laptop ;___; I've completed Prologue and Chapter 1 on my previous laptop (i3 processor, 3 GB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics) with pretty steady 60 FPS (with occasional drops to about 40 FPS). If the game truly is going to be ported to UE4, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be max 30 FPS on my new laptop (i3 processor, 8 GB RAM, Intel HD 520 graphics), unless UE4 is much more tweakable than I think, but it probably isn't.
  5. Try verifying the integrity of Source SDK 2007 cache, you do that by going into the tools section of the library, right clicking the Source SDK 2007 Base, going into properties, switching to local files tab and clicking the "Verify integrity of game cache". If that doesn't fix it then try re-installing the mod, see if that helps.
  6. wow nice, I love how Mxthe did it like that and I did know Frank was there but didn't know you could quiet him lol
  7. I have a problem with UH, when I've tried to start it, it doesnt even start, it says: "Starting Underhell", but it wont open, please help me with that, this is my favourite mod/game!
  8. I got bored having played Chapter one through a thousand times, so after getting to Level Two I noclipped down to the Level Zero East Wing, specifically the area where we first meet the security team after the infection starts. I assume that's the model used for Jake in the cutscene. Also, in the prologue, if you stack up some crates to get over one of the shipping crates that looks like the one you open up somewhere around here, you'll find an old friend. Who I may or may not have beaten to death. Fun fact, that stops Frank from talking for a while,
  9. I feel so old now, time flies. and yeah, how did that happen lol
  10. It's all good haha also late but whatever no
  11. How exactly did THAT happen?
  12. Two year old bump because wat Clone theory confirmed
  13. ... Welp. I'm not that smart, am I? Must have forgotten about that from last run.
  14. Did you pick up the special card in the gas room?
  15. Hi CornCorn, development is paused at the moment I'm afraid. I'd love to continue do this one day. If it ever happens we'll probably let you know through the (now inactive) FB page:
  16. Man, I spent like my whole saturday collecting all 52 cards so I could hear the Hermit song again, just to get to the Hermit's lair and... Well nothing. His door shuts and no song plays, as if I didn't just find fifty two bloody cards for the bastard. Apologies for any formatting errors, the stylesheet is broken for me today.
  17. Hey everyone! Just created this account to ask if the Echoes project is still continuing? I did read about the post in 2011 about the development but still want to know if by chance it's up again (however slim). I really love(d?) this game and want it to be continued. Thanks for hearing me out, CornCorn
  18. Hello everyone, just wondering if I can interest anyone in Decay Source Revival Team, which as you can probably tell is a team dedicated to remaking Half-Life: Decay into the Source engine. We've already got some really top-notch team members in (including the inimitable Rassmoosen, RaraCerberus, MisterDigitalGuy, and Jackathan of Half-Life: In Deep fame) but I don't see any problem in looking to add a few more to the family. Currently we have 12 team members, which coincidentally is also the number of maps we have to remake. I've decided to make a start by using the original GoldSrc maps as a base and working around those by porting them into the Source engine and replacing parts as I go along before giving them over to the team to apply the "fine strokes" of the piece. So if anyone's interested in giving us a hand finishing off the final expansion in the original Half-Life series and giving it a fresh lease of life (with a few upgrades obviously), you know where to call.
  19. Nice! You're definitely an Interlocked pro Thanks for the detailed info and especially for the detailed videos. I'll update the numbers and they will probably go live with the next update. Cheers!
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