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    Console Command for the Silencer

    Don't mess with the console in this. It's really not meant to be used - it can fuck your game up beyond repair and you'd have to restart.
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    House differences?

    That happened in Prologue.
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    No manual save/quicksave?

    Thank you so much for the reply and the mod!! Yea, after I ( played properly when I wasn't tired and grumpy ) looked properly, saw the health supplies and suddenly remembered < vortigaunt_voice>The Freeman</ vortigaunt_voice> So to celebrate I have ramped difficutly up to hard - survival is not tiddlywinks with grandpa. Mxthe you are a true human and obviously not a NWO slave zombie - If I interpret a phone call I got, when in Jakes house correctly, about the Govt NOT being the loving paternal entity the sheeple would believe it to be!! Hell here in New Zealand our gummint are overtly a bunch of ******* I can't imagine what it's like in the Wild West ( US )???? When I think about how these qualities that are required to focus on a project like this mod you have created, and the tenacity to see it through after vast tracts of time, I can only marvel before turning a delicate shade of green.
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    MAJOR spoilers for chapter 1's House ahoy! Needless to say, I nearly crapped myself.
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    Hmmm, I seem to be getting this error a lot, sometimes without even tabbing out.
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    Hello! For those of you who are still surfing by (and I promise, it will get active soon), you've probably noticed two new projects on our main page. The first one is D.A.W.N - an HL2 modification which Hen started months ago and right now is on hold, but we've decided to break the silence - the project is coming back alive, right after Nightmare House 2. The second project is what you may know as "?", and today revealed as Portal: The Flash Version. As it sounds - Portal: The Flash Version is the unofficial flash version of VALVe's Portal. We've been working on this project for some time now, and things are starting to heat up and the project may be released this month, and if not, the one after. Thanks - Ido.