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    Renato Lopez

    Lower labs stealth help

    haha got the trophy! thanks! (I still don't know who give it to me, but, well. thats a trophy!)
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    Underhell - Changes To Expect

    Oh umm Clearly responding to the underlined words,Terry and Ben already Died In the EXPLOSION (during the escape) meaning that they Failed to do what they had todo. Ben and Terry are MIA; at best we'll see them in very late Chapter 2 or Chapter 3. The explosion you say in the desert didn't happen. The desert escape was an alternate series of events Jake thought up. In reality, Bryan and Jake were captured after fighting Igor. I assume that Ben and Terry are hiding in the basement somewhere to let Ito and the zombies fight each other.
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    About Carl and Todd...

    That's Todd's audio files.
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    I Create Stuff.

    I create really heavy metal. 'Sup guys. My name is Brandon, I'm 17, and I live in my room :3. I love skepticism and critics, so feel free to feel like you're superior and you know it all. Or be one of those really badass people, and say stuff about my music that I really need to hear. (I.E. the guitars need to be louder, or the hi hat sounds like shit, or that my music is badass.) I'm going to collaborate with Yoav (Koolfox) sooner or later. When the time frame we're both online isn't so fucked up. Don't steal my shit and say it's yours you little faggots. I work REALLY hard on my music guys. Next to straight A's in school, this is my future life. Haha, enough dilly dally! (Artwork by Jacob "Waffles" Shettler) Title: Scavenger's Daughter Genre: HEAVY Description: This song, is probably one of my heaviest. For sure. I've recorded this song when I first got my UX2. But this recording was recorded the day after Christmas. :3 Title: Slow Down, Girl! Genre: Metalcore Description: This one is super inspired by As Blood Runs Black. Almost a direct rip off, but not. Haha, I'm original, but this song was after listening to their album while mapping. Title: Obeeeeese! Genre: Drum 'N Bass Description: I fucking love bassy songs. Everything I have is super bassy. ;D I have 56 other songs on my website! Feel free to download it and tell other people about me about how shitty or great my music is! P.S. I love you, Yoav.
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    The Hallway (under development) *UPDATE*

    Hey its me agian the new guy.. ^^ Well im here to share my newest little project i'm working on in my free time that i showed in my first topic. but i made a little sneak peak video now to give you a taste of the atmosphere YouTube video : note thats its still alpha and just made from scratch but you'll get the Idea ^^ Anyways, feel free to leave a comment, and ill keep working on it in my free time. Ill keep this topic up to date for all related stuff to this project. note : more info can be found in the video description about the cheezy storyline : *UPDATE* Just finished the basic for the spawn room : The player wil wake up on the left table and stand up (like the portal opening) Pic :