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    Unnamed UDK game

    Back, again. I'd have posted earlier, but the site down notice kept me from checking the forum status. Sucks we got haxored. Anyway, as part of my Uni portfolio myself and a few of my friends under various different developer names, I'm Scarlet Cloud Media and my friends are GloWorm Studios (they have a site: http://glowormstudio.co.uk/ and a game called Beach Assault - made in 2 months) have started work on a few games, an android platformer (currently on hiatus), a flash game (currently still in the ideas phase) and a game in UDK (we've just started it) I thought here'd be the best place to keep track of the development and I thought some of you'd be interested in it. I'll post the concept art when I see our artist next (so in a few days or today - depends when you're reading this) So yeah, keep clicking here. Nick Also, Ido can you change my username to Nick?