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    Some theories

    I have completed Underhell another time. Some notifications: 1. There are several clues in Chapter One that Jake is in UDRC, not ARC: - In Level 2 Oxygen Room there is conversation between Terry and Ben and Ben questioning the sense about a prison in middle of the city, - in Level 2 Mainframe monitors show view of the city, - in Level 5, the room where Matthew was killed is similiar to the room where SWAT found Jake at the end of Prologue, - Level 5 offices are similiar to UDRC offices from the end of Prologue, - During City Void, Jake can see a huge hole under the city, - Policeman said that thanks to Jake's story they found a way to enter the faclity and Jake wasn't send to Arizona so they found entry to UDRC, 2. Random thinks: - When Michael said "So tell me Jake" the flashback starts, - Jake wrong think that PMC captured him in Police station and send to ARC, - escape from ARC was mind fantasy, - thanks to some conversation between inmates you can learn that Hermit lived in faclity since build of it, - Hermit is very important character - in his lair you can notice newspapers with article about firing of his house - his house is similiar to The House, - The House isn't real - its a place in Jake's mind (everytime when Jake was sleeping or was in trouble he shift to House) - after 3rd reading of Tom H Journal you can see firing of The House, - after 4th reading of Tom H Journal you can see Guilt in test tube, - the infection started in ARC - Terminus can be a source behind it, - at first there was outbreak in ARC then there was another in UDRC, - terrorist attack in city was a cover for PMC actions in UDRC, - the city seems to be based on New York (Twin Towers, NYC registration tablets on police cars), - after Berserk Jake was captured and send to prison in Level 0, - the scene where SWAT found Jake after Berserk was set after escape from the faclity, - we don't know what happend with Jake between shoot in the head and found by SWAT, - Jake somehow knows about ARC because he set his memories from UDRC into ARC,
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    Some theories

    Right, although I think that the only element of ARC (in Jake's projection) is the fake placement of UDRC in Arizona and maybe all the buildings outside during the fake escape part. I almost agree, but I think that: the House before Hospital is the only real visit.OR the House before Hospital is also fake, BUT it contains recollections of events which happened for real: Jake answering Frank's call, packing his things and driving to the rendezvous point.