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    Hello everybody! I could fix everything in that game, like Error issues, ect... but now I got a problem no one before had this, it seems... When I finished the Intro thing, like, running to the car, there comes a screen where the real game starts, and there comes NORMALLY the voice of this doctor. But it doesn't work for me. I hear nothing, I just can see the subtitles. This problem continues in the game, i haven't played far yet, but I can say the announcer and the Doc (Romera) voices don't work. Weird fact: I can hear Emily. (Her whispering) I don't know how it is with the policemen later in the game, if I can hear them, I don't think so, but yeah. I don't want to play the game without those voices, bc, those voices make that game even more horrorfying :/ Hope you can help me!