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    NH2 DVD Box Art

    Since I thoroughly enjoyed this mod I decided to make box art for NH2. Great work, guys! NH2 was a great experience. http://sess1on.devia...t.com/#/d2xn83l
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    NH2 Status

    Here's the lowdown on the completion of Nightmare House 2. -------------- Mapping 100% Coding 100% Voice Acting 100% Sounds 100% Music 100% Models 100% Hud 100% -------------- Bugfixing 99% -------------- We're hoping to release in the next week or two, providing we don't find any critical bugs. Do NOT post in here unless you're a member of the team with a progress report/update. This thread is here so people can easily see the current status of NH2 without wading through pages of spam.
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    About Underhell

    Underhell will be distributed in Episodic releases. The Original Soundtrack for Underhell is being entirely composed by Tom Stoffel MODDB : http://www.moddb.com/mods/underhell Official Website : http://underhell.wecreatestuff.com/ Steam Community Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Underhell Underhell Greenlight Page : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=93935811 Underhell will contain 1 Prologue - 4 Chapters - 1 Epilogue. ============================ UNDERHELL ============================ Latest Version : 1.2 Required Games : Source SDK Base 2007 Moddb : http://www.moddb.com/mods/underhell Website : http://underhell.wecreatestuff.com/ Forums : http://forums.wecreatestuff.com/index.php?/forum/16-underhell/ CHAPTER 1 OST : http://tomstoffel.bandcamp.com/ PROLOGUE OST : http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tomstoffel V.1.2 *Fixed loading in Hermit after getting Wrench disabling attack. *Fixed pressing use on hermit during some scenes cancelling his scene. *Fixed not being able to rescue some survivors on level 1. *Tweaked some enemy amounts in some hard areas. *Moved one hermit card to be easier to find. *Reduced amount of medical items in Level 2 South Wing. *Fixed pressing "SkipScene" in the house fading to black. *Fixed dreamcatcher being unusable after finishing chapter 1 if never used before. *Tweaked some FOS of some enemies to facilitate sneaking around some areas. *Fixed floating flashlight in Prologue_5. *Fixed some enemies not going away when player successfully hide in weaponless parts. *Fixed shooting barricades too early blocking progress near the end of the game. *Fixed other miscellaneous bugs which you should not know about. ============================ Table Of Contents ============================ .INSTALLATION I. Installation II. About Underhell III. Story Background IV. Tips & Hints V. Bug Reports VI. Credits VII. Disclaimer ============================ I.INSTALLATION ============================ 1. Make sure you have Source SDK Base 2007 installed (Half Life 2 is NOT required). To install it, go to the "Library" window on Steam, select "Tools", and install "Source SDK Base 2007". 2. Extract the file into the following folder /../steam/steamapps/sourcemods (Make sure to delete the previous Underhell folder from 2011 Prologue if you have it.) 3. Restart Steam. You should see "Underhell" in your game library. --------------------------- .Computer Requirements. --------------------------- Minimum: 1.7 GHz Processor 1024 MB RAM DirectX® 9 level Graphics Card Windows® Vista/XP/2000, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection Recommended: Pentium 4 processor (3.0GHz, or better), 2048 MB RAM DirectX® 9 level Graphics Card (or higher) Windows® Vista/XP/2000, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection ============================ II. About Underhell ============================ Underhell is an Episodic Modification for the Source Engine. Chapters will be released once they are developed. What you have just downloaded is Chapter 1 and a remake of the Prologue with the newest engine features created by the development team. Underhell borrows from many genres and would be best described as a First Person Shooter Action/Adventure Psychological Survival Horror game with RPG elements. These RPG elements include secondary quests with multiple outcomes, random survivors to rescue, different items to scavenge, and getting better equipment through both exploration and game events. --------------------------- .Notes. --------------------------- 1.) Alt-tabbing the game can cause performance issues, crashes and graphical glitches. 2.) Make sure to close all unnecessary programs before launching the game for optimal performance. 3.) Running the game with the console enabled will disable the menu. Please note the message in the console: Underhell is a storyline based mod with pre defined features that are enabled and disabled within the levels. Tweaking the features will result in playability issues and will most likely crash the mod. It is recommended to avoid playing with the console commands. So please close the console, and enjoy the game. --------------------------- .The House. --------------------------- The House acts as the hub for the mod. You can come back to it anytime via a special button in the Main Menu. Every time you do something in The House it will save automatically. If you start The House via the Chapter Selection menu it will completely reset everything in The House and you will lose your progress. When you are in The House, you can check your e-mail, your mailbox, answer the phone when it rings, or just explore and try to uncover the mysteries that lurk in there. Even though Jake's wife has recently passed away, you are not completely alone... --------------------------- .The Game. --------------------------- Underhell is split in 3 different "zones" The first is The House. Each new chapter will have its own version of The House with different puzzles, things to discover, and diary pages of Jake's late wife to be found. The second is The Dreams. With each version of The House will come a set of dreams only accessible during night time via the bed in The House. Dreams will give you bits of information about the story, and might help you understand some future events better. They are very different from the rest of the game in both their narrative and gameplay, and focus mostly on exploration and solving puzzles. They have a few twists to them that will challenge players since they are not necessarily bound by earthly rules. The third zone is The Chapters where Underhell really takes place. You access a chapter from The House, and when you are done with a chapter you come back to The House. When everything has been done in The Chapters, The House, and The Dreams, you must go to sleep in order to access the next version of The House. That is, when it's released of course... ============================ III. Story Background ============================ You play as Jake Hawkfield, a Special Weapons and Tactics operative who recently married and moved in with his beloved wife. But soon after those happy events, his wife dies under mysterious circumstances, leaving only clues that suggest she committed suicide. Jake falls apart, and only his best friend, mentor, and boss Frank is there to help him get over his grief. The mod begins with a wake up call from Frank ordering Jake to come down to the station. An armed group of elite soldiers have taken control of a hospital and all its personnel. But Jake will soon realize that this is not a common hostage situation... ============================ IV. Tips & Hints ============================ 1.) It is recommended not to play with the console commands. Nocliping around the maps or using "impulse 101" could cause some level glitches. 2.) You can kick open doors. Doing so will kill enemies standing behind it. 3.) Underhell has free aim, ironsights, and scopes. Use ironsights and scopes for better accuracy. 4.) Weapons and enemies have realistic damage models. A shot to the head will kill most enemies in Underhell. 5.) Avoid staying stationary during combat. Keep moving or you will be overwhelmed. 6.) If you forget what to do, press the Display Objective key (default TAB). 7.) Watch your endurance meter, the vertical bar at the lower left corner of the screen. It controls how quickly your stamina is refilled, how likely you are to bleed, and various other important things. ============================ V. Bug Reports ============================ If you encounter any bugs, glitches, or crashes please report them on the Technical Support forums here. http://forums.wecreatestuff.com/index.php?/topic/1959-bug-reports-and-technical-support/ ============================ VI. Credits ============================ Following are the credits for all content used in UnderHell to avoid any misunderstanding with the community. FakeFactory, Veteran Gamer, Onemanshow, and Phatcat have given me permission to use their content. So I want to thank them all for their kindness! -Written by Mxthe -Level Design by Mxthe -Programmed by Carlos 'Charly' Sotelo -Choreographed by Mxthe -Voice Actors Joseph Bracken Aaron Cuevas Tassilo Egloffstein Stig Finsen Sydtangen Mike Schroder Nathan Wieczorek Fredrik Arntsen David Kingery Alex Larrabee Riku Lempiäinen Phillip Marlowe Brandon McKagan Collin M. Danielle McRae Megan K. Nathan Mubasher Tom Stoffel Brandon Tran Sam Pearson Michael Tsarouhas Ian Wiese Kevin Michaels-Grant Patrick Liao Yoav Landau -Beta Testers Hen Mazolski Sam Pearson OneManShow Adi Matshulski Joseph Bracken Klaus Schroder Mike Schroder Stig Finsen Sydtangen Yoav 'Koolfox' Landau David Kingery Dean Day Brandon McKagan Jacob Shettler Michael Tsarouhas Tom Stoffel Beta Testers Collective – Ade Beta Testers Collective – Frere D'Arme Jeremy Agostini Beta Testers Collective – Phillip Marlowe -------------------------Audio Artists------------------------- Weapon Sounds - GAMEBANANA Community Sound Mixers - Koolfox, Brandon Tran, Mxthe Sound Editor - Mxthe Sound Support - Strelok Sound Libraries: www.soundjay.com, www.freesound.org, www.rejenorst.com, www.sounddogs.com -Music Composer Tom Stoffel Official Website : http://tomstoffel.com/ Purchase the Underhell Original Soundtrack ! Chapter1: http://tomstoffel.bandcamp.com/ Prologue: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tomstoffel -------------------------3d Artists------------------------- -Weapons- -Weapon Animations by Damon "Inter" Kropp- -Weapon Advisement and Design by Michael Tsarouhas & Patrick Liao Pipe: Model, Textures : Progsys Axe: Model, Textures : Progsys Baton: Model, Textures : Progsys Wrench: Model, Textures : Progsys Glock Pistol: Model, UV, Compile:sHiBaN Texture: Fub SOCOM Pistol: Model: The Lama, Lonewolf, Twinkie masta Skin: Stoke, Lonewolf, Twinkie masta Beretta Pistol: Models: Sureshot, Twinke Masta Skins: Twinke Masta UV Maps: flamshmizer Colt Phyton Revolver: Model: Agressive napkin Textures: Snake MP5 SMG Model - Twinke Masta Skin - The End, snake Reskin - Mxthe MP5 EOD SMG Model: Schmung Skin: Thanez Reskin - Mxthe MP7 SMG Model - Schmung Skin - The_Tub Reskin - Mxthe G36K Rifle Model - Darkstorn, Twinke Masta Skin - Darkstorn, Twinke Masta , Sproily Reskin - Mxthe M5 Shotgun: Model - End Of Days UvMaps - Hellspike Skin - H4wk M3 Shotgun: Model- Valve Reskin - Hector Gonzalez XM1014 Shotgun: Model & Textures - Millenia Grenades : Model - Valve Skin - BlackHoleSon Reskin - Mxthe HealthSpray: Flamesedge - Model & UV Tsunami643 - Default Skin Reskinning and Hexing - J.Barnes Nightmare House 2 Props: Models & Textures : Christopher 'Guessmyname' Jones -Military Props Models- illkid - Conversion Americas Army Reskins - Mxthe -Floor Turret : Model and Textures : Jen4 Reskin - Mxthe -Characters- The Guards FakeFactory - Original HD Skins Mxthe - Reskin Soldiers Valve - Counter-Strike Models Skin - Predaaator Reskin - Mxthe Combine Ace Soldier : Model - Synergy Remodel & Reskin - Mxthe Citizen Skins: Models - Valve, Mxthe Textures - FakeFactory, Rusty, Mxthe Inmates Skin - J.Barnes Faces - FakeFactory Reskin - Mxthe Her Model - FakeFactory Skin - FakeFactory Remodel - Mxthe Reskin - Pedro "TigerboyPT" Calvo, Mxthe Infected Models: Valve, Christopher 'Guessmyname' Jones, Mxthe Textures: Pedro "TigerboyPT" Calvo, Mxthe, Rusty Young Breen Reskin - Sander Pundi Bodygroups and Limbs: Christopher 'Guessmyname' Jones Mxthe Props & details: Cassette Player & Cassette - Christopher 'GuessMyname' Jones Old Hospital Equipement - Progsys Modern Hospital Equipement - Progsys Modern Furniture - Progsys Better Beds - Progsys FuseBoxes - Progsys Food - Progsys Batteries - Progsys Glowsticks - Progsys Flares - Progsys Bandages - Progsys KeycardReader Keycards - Christopher 'GuessMyname' Jones CDCase - Progsys WaterFountain - Progsys Metro Tourniquet - Pyritz Keys - Pyritz Escalator Prefabs and Models - FresHinger Mc-Donalds Prefabs - MDS31781 Pool Chair - Vincent074 Security Terminal - Anderes Medical Closet - Josch, Mxthe Laboratory Equipment - BabyFawnLegs Vehicles : Solid_Granite GiGaBiTe PoWer3D Ambulance by vincent074 Driveable Jeep & APC: Inaki -------------------------2D Artists------------------------- -Custom Textures- Mxthe Progsys FakeFactory Pedro "TigerboyPT" Calvo -Blood Textures- Christopher 'Guessmyname' Jones dDefinder Kuttenking Mxthe -Water Caustics & Dripping Effects- acid ultradr3mer -Particle Systems- Magenta Iris Mxthe Valve -------------------------Very Special Thanks To------------------------- NightMare House 2 Development Team Hen Mazolski - For his support, his contacts and his awesome ideas Harry ".eXeC!" Jeffery Christopher "Guessmyname" Jones Yoav "Koolfox" Landau David Kingery Pedro "TigerboyPT" Calvo Ido Tal SMOD Community "The Author" Phatcat OneManShow Veteran_Gamer Jen4 Spasior Business MrLee FPSBANANA Community Predaaator Jaanus Twinkie Masta For their programming support GoldenEye Source team Biohazard Saul Rennison ChadReitsma Dome113 Steam Forums: Source Coding Valve Developer Community Some of the best mods Smod Smod Tactical Smod Outbreak FakeFactory Synergy Hidden-Source Team Nightmare House 2 Some of the best companies Remedy 3DRealms Capcom Konami Irrational Games Id Software Ubisoft Monolith Studios Valve Some of the best websites Fpsbanana Google ModDB SoundJay FreeSound SoundDogs Some of the best directors Hideo Nakata Takashi Shimizu Sam Raimi And writers Stephen King Sam Lake I would like to thank everyone cited above... and the entire Half Life 2 modding community! ============================ VII.Disclaimer ============================ -This modification was developed by Mxthe using all content cited above. -Programming for this mod was done by Carlos "Charly" Sotelo with help from numerous cited sources. -High Resolution Textures were created and provided by Fake Factory with his authorization and consent. -This software is powered by the Source Engine developed by Valve. I would like to again thank the original makers of all the content used in this mod. I would not have been able to make this mod without the help of the Half Life 2 Modding Community.
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    I just needed to say that NH2 really blew my mind. The scare factor was awesome, the story was very well developed, and the gameplay worked so well. I haven;t played a mod this great since Dear Esther. Thanks NH2 Staff.
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    About Eric's death

    He presumably died of heart failure from the excitement.
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    The Official BS Thread #3

    Interlocked is now up at AG. We will post it officially here on WCS tomorrow, and in a few days around the rest of the web. Cheers
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    A thread about NH2's progress

    Code is now 100% done. Only a couple of models to finish off and the final beta test.
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    Mr. Bucks

    A thread about NH2's progress

    I've just seen the trailer again... And... i just couldn't resist myself when i saw the scanner at 0:36 . Sorry but it HAD to be made! Keep up the good work ExeC! This mod will with no doubt be Terrific! Good Luck Sorry Ido, didn't see your post before i posted
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    Nightmare House 2 Teaser

    I'll make a blog post later, good night.
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    Masahiro Ito's name

    I imagine Mxthe sitting in a chair laughing maniacally while we try and work things out... the guy's a genius.
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    The Osama Bin Laden Wikpedia game...

    hes dead now. lol
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    Vote Nightmare House 2 for MOTY

    Please vote for Nightmare House 2 in MOTY 2010! (If you don't a creepy girl will come at night and eat your soul.) http://www.moddb.com/mods/nightmare-house-2 scroll to middle, click green button.
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    The Official BS Thread #3

    That is so fucking funny in a mean way.
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    Movies discussion thread

    I just came back from the cinema. I saw "Back to the Future". It's being re-run for it's 25th anniversary. The awesome part is stephen hawking was there. In the same screen, watching the film too. It was definitely him, I walked past him several times. This just came true:
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    Awesome comic

    http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=992212 This guy made me lol hard, and it's rare.
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    NH2 Status

    Crazy work today guys, you fixed things I thought will take 2 weeks in 2 hours.
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    The Official BS Thread #3

    ilyas is now banned, for opening two threads about putting Pikachu in a microwave. I don't know if he was idiot or just very young but I don't care.
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    A thread about NH2's progress

    You better give Hen what he wants, or he won't release NH2!
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    The Official BS Thread #3

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcXtT3rZcqg Far better quality here: http://www.onemoreproduction.com/video/209.html
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    Thank You, you are amazing.

    I haven't heard about you since a year ago, and I've been extremely pleased with all of your work. I'll Split this feed back into project sections. RETARDED MOVIE I AND II: how retarded are you guys? Clips of 1 guy stomping his feet to epic sound effects when a 3rd pops up? A guy's missile crashes his plane, and when he gets out he yells, "Yay!"? And then the missile hits him? The cloud poops a missile, which blows up half the earth? And my favorite yet - that small clip with a soccer player, flash explosion, and then he falls down. How random are you guys? The amazing smoothness of your animation greatly amazed me, I can't imagine how much effort you put into it. The music for your movies has a perfect mix of epic tunes and random, real, songs (And outbursts of Jamiroquai). I do not know where you got your sound effects, but nevertheless the were placed very well in the development of the movie. PORTAL - THE FLASH VERSION: Small bugs, but greatly entertaining as well. The level creation was very intuitive here. I found times where split second decisions had to happen, and there is a great element of the strategy. It is too bad the idea was of 'Portal'. If it wasn't you would get more paragraphs of rave. Alex, your animations are very fluid! I found no jerky movements in the character, and all the jumps and runs looked very natural(For an insanely buff prison dude). The coloring was very pleasing, and did not cause any clash in the players eyes. Music also was used very well, and the notes worked well together in that aspect too. ------------- I have not tried the mods, because I have no time to play those games in my busy life. I am quite sure they are very good, because of the amazement that comes from these two projects. We Create Stuff, continue to dazzle us with your animation, artwork, computer science, and design, and I will be very pleased. You have made us all very happy.
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    The beginning sounds a bit like the beginning to Underhell's piano track for a reason. It's a fan made track (I'm that fan.) meant to describe Jake's life in just a simple range of notes. I spent a couple weeks of on and off work writing it. All that's left is to edit the velocity of the notes, which I'm actually having a friend do. He wants to help me with this, and honestly I'm tired. I can't finish the song yet, so he's doing the velocity editing. I'll upload the new version when he's done. I finished this version of the song a couple weeks ago (I think. It might have been just last week...) and I am REALLY proud of it. My only worry is that it may sound to close to Tom Stoffel's work, seeing as it was subconsciously thinking of Underhell that allowed me to write this. I decided I was writing it about Underhell about half way through writing. It's supposed to represent the entire story at once. I think you can tell what the high pitched part of the song is about. No spoilers needed there. Anyway, I'm ranting. I'm just gonna post the song. Have fun, and tell me what you think! https://soundcloud.com/joshua-schuster/and-the-dead-man-dreams
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    Dune Jumper

    UnderHouse 2

    A video I made of the NH2 SWAT guys making NH2 references. I couldn't think of anywhere else to put this, so I just made this thread.
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    *I turned a radio cracker on before I get into the mainframe* Roger: Oh no! No, they've sent in reinforcements! They're gonna break in! Oh no no no no no! Soldier: Who turn on a radio?! Roger: You've gotta do something! They're gonna kill us! *booom* Roger: Oh my...Oh my God, you did it. That was insane! *Later Roger: Here they come!
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    My review of Chapter One... (some spoilers!)

    Some spoilers are here, but I've taken pains to be as general as possible. I don't describe any particular story beats that aren't common knowledge, so don't worry about that. I was really blown away by the sheer level of polish on display here, in basically all respects. Story, visuals, character design, level design, really solid gameplay, it's all a pretty damned professional effort, the dedication practically outstripping what's typically found in triple A titles. It's kinda overwhelming, actually. I'm not without a few criticisms, which I'll get to towards the end, but they're few and far between; I just wanna further emphasize that this, chapter one, of what's probably going to be an even bigger mod, already feels like a complete and incredibly enjoyable experience. Everyone involved in this should brag about it for all it's worth, use it for points to get into the industry, cause you have earned the right to feel proud of this. Gameplay is fluid, relying on the best elements of SMOD without any of the silly bullshit or arbitrary difficulty. It's about the standard fare, really so you've got iron sights, manueverability, fatigue levels (wasn't so hot on the "feed yourself to survive" mechanic, as it doesn't really bring much to the table) and a satisfying dash of Metal Gear Solid-esque stealth sequences (groovy techno music reminsicient of the MGS sound track accompanies these moments) to break up the combat sections. Gun battles are a surprisingly rare occurrence in this mod, which is not unwelcome after the exhausting John Woo movie that is the prologue - instead we get lots and lots and LOTS of running and gunning (or swinging) with zombies. Very well scripted zombies, too. The environment lends itself well to survival horror, but I'll get to that later. This mod abley mixes stock HL2 and Counter Strike assets with new material, generating a visual experience that's pretty much seamless. No texture feels shoehorned in - of course, this is helped by the fact that a lot of Underhell takes place in a dingy bunker that's in the process of falling apart, so the stock assets already lend themselves quite nicely to that aesthetic. More impressively, the level design is lovely and functional, from the beautifully foreboding House to the sterile underground facility and all its blood-splattered wings. The Core is my favorite area in a way that's hard to quantify - it's certainly not pretty, but the sheer towering sprawl of it is effective at telling the player what a monumental task it'll be in actually escaping this hellhole. It's also a nice hub area and a very elegant way of connecting all the areas of the facility - it lends a sense of placement to everything that so many mods seem to miss in their design philosophy. This follows through in the multiple safe rooms you pass through in the game, too, allowing the player to explore at their leisure from a secure location that you can always run back to if things get too hairy. You're always on a certain path, but many of the sections don't feel linear. Things feel very open in this mod, facilitating a tactical play style where you're constantly weighing whether to make a run for it or take a stand against the undead horde. The mod doesn't do much to push the envelope in terms of scariness - the majority of it is a fairly generic take on zombie plagues, with the occasional dash of influence from Japanese horror. What's there is very functional and well polished, though I gotta admit I was expecting the supernatural to take precedence over zombies here, especially since the prologue offers no hints on what to expect. The House is the wonderful exception to this, though, favoring slow and subtle horror over the fairly straight-forward meat of the storyline. Things happen when you're not looking, leading to an uncanny situation where you suddenly realize that something is not where it's supposed to, that a door has been left open that you don't remember touching... crows fling themselves through the windows, and occasionally you catch the barest glimpse of a figure watching you. It's wonderfully effective. Finally, the story is a sprawling narrative filled with mystery, well drawn characters propped up by mostly excellent voice acting, and intelligently written dialogue. Without spoiling too much, it really goes down the rabbit hole a few times - main characters being insane isn't really a new story mechanic, but it's well executed in this mod. There's also a generous helping of corporate corruption and supernatural horror, complete with somewhat bizarre non-sequitor moments where you've got characters railing against "sheeple" and the government conspiracies that control them amidst a zombie narrative. The story becomes somewhat encumbered towards the end, both by chapter one's frankly staggering weight and the amount of things it tries to do. I felt exhausted towards the end; chapter one is seriously long enough to be it's own game, and if the chapter selection menu is to be believed, there's probably hundreds of hours left in this thing. I'm honestly not sure if that's a good thing, as I was beginning to feel exhausted by the length at the end. At least the mysteries show no sign of being solved any time soon (things get intensely weird at the end,) so hopefully the next installment will feel more fresh by the time it releases. A quick point of critique - I would probably care a bit more about the story if I felt even an ounce of empathy for Jake, the impressively psychotic main character. Like many protagonists, though, he's silent and never offers any expression or input on any situation (this is played for laughs in one particular video chat near the end of the game.) Considering how much talking everyone's doing, and the amount of effort put into Jake's backstory, this is a seriously flawed approach. But I digress; Chapter One of Underhell can stand by itself as an impressive achievement of gaming; the fact that more is on the way both frightens and elates me, so well done!
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    !Spoilers! My thoughts after Underhell Chapter 1

    I also said that I'm a stripper. And I eat cat fur.
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    What Is the Point Of Killing Frank's Killer

    Yeah not everyone can be Mxthe, only one person can be Mxthe, and that person, is Mxthe. The same can be said for everyone, really.
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    Nightmare House 2 - The Lost Files

    As promised, I'm releasing a some of the development material from NH2! Check the blog post for more info: Nightmare House 2: The Lost Files Download here! Discuss.
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    The Osama Bin Laden Wikpedia game...

    Now you'd probably be able to find him in the "Past Presidents of the Being Alive Club" section in Wikipedia.
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    The Official BS Thread #3

    Wow. First day we launched Interlocked, it got around 170k views. -Just today-, it got 2 million views. It's exploding, it might get to the sizes of Portal TFV.
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    House stop mini-modding. He like it, no need to tell him off for congratulating the team.
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    NH2 Crashes?

    I'm being serious. I don't mean to mini-mod, but you just antagonized a new member who had an honest reason to post again, who is here looking for help for a problem.
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    I love this guy.

    This guy here does a blind playthough of NH2, and he's god damn funny, it's like Freeman's mind. He needs more publication so: (still not complete)
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    I love this guy.

    The final part, hope you've all enjoyed!
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    I love this guy.

    New episode, and apparently you can't put more then 5 youtube vids in one post.
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    NH2 discussion thread (only if you finished)

    Dear NH2 Development team, When Nightmare House released in 2005 I was amazed. Never had I seen something like this. An actually SCARY modification for Half-Life 2! To this date I had played it a total of 43 times. Don't ask why but I've been counting. I took it as just a random cool thing and never thought the creator would make another one. Imagine my suprise in 2008 a while after it's release when I saw the Remake! In no time at all I was hooked, induldging every detail I could. Now again, 2 years later I found myself on this forum 3 weeks ago, flabbergasted to find that there was a Nightmare House 2 and that it was almost released! I quieted myself and watched from the shadows for a month waiting. The wait was worth it. Hi there, and congragulations on the release of Nightmare House 2! I made a forum account with the specific purpose to write this response. I must say I am amazed, not only by the mod itself, but the pure effort and work you have poured into this project. Not only have you done so extremely well, but you have done it for the enjoyment of others; and that is something you rarely see these days. I have no doubt that any mod even half as well made as this one would not be for free. You gave us so nightmare house 2 and ask nothing for but thanks in return. You have earned the respect and admiration we fans give to you, not just because you are the creators of the mod, but because you listen to them, and ask them for help directly. Believe it or not, I read every single post on the "Ideas" thread and in the first five minutes of playing through NH2, I saw at least 4 concepts that had been given by the community here. You all are an inspiration for those around you and I hope that you fully understand the appreciation that we have for you and what you have given us. Hen Mazolski - Hen, most amazing job with the mapping, was so much more then I expected and thank you for bringing this all together. Also the patience you had with some forum members is envious. Harry ".eXeC!" Jeffery - Without your hard work this masterpiece would surely of never come to place. Your sense of humor helped too I guess. Christopher "Guessmyname" Jones - I have played many, many mods in my time and never have I seen the use of so many custom models come into play. This addition and your expertise in making it happen made the mod all the much better. Pedro "TigerboyPT" Calvo - I don't know much about faceposing scenes but I would love to know what you do. I felt astonished by the stunning realism of the characters actions. P.S- Are you still working on that secret machninima series of yours? I'm a big fan of your work. David Kingery and Danielle McRae - The voices were oh so believable and added atmosphere and color to an already fascinating script. Yoav "Koolfox" Landau and Aidin Ashoori - The music scores and additional sounds gave an eerie sense of suspense and creepiness to this survival horror. Ido Tal - I love you. Beta Testers - You lucky bastards. Thanks for going through the bugs so we didnt have to. I know not all of the team are listed and not all of them are on these forums, I don't even know if this will be read. Regardless of these details the fact remains that I am extremely thankful for the work called Nightmare House 2. If it's the wrong thread to place this, you can delete it and apologies. Your huge fan, Jkbloo
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    A thread about NH2's progress

    It's uploading
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    A thread about NH2's progress

    NH2 is done, bug free and finished. We're preparing the upload atm.
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    NH2 Status

    A complex AI problem that has been plaguing us for ages just got fixed One step closer to release.
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    The Official BS Thread #3

    This is ridiculous, we have ontopic NH2 questions in the bullshit thread but pointless spam in the NH2 thread.
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    A thread about NH2's progress

    Played NH2 today from the start to finish, everything is absolutely bug free mapping wise. Now to wait until the code is completely finished and a few other things and we're done.
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    Go play it

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    A thread about NH2's progress

    Mapping: 100% Voice acting: 100% Coding: 97% Modeling: 95% Sounds: 98% Music: 100% Story, script and sketches: 100% Total: around 97% I'd just like to say that I've reached the point in NH2 where I have absolutely nothing left to do. .eXeC!, Guessmyname, GO GO GO.
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    A thread about NH2's progress

    ah, so its almost ready! well, time to buy some new diapers
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    It's time to rewrite the slogan

    Awesome projects by a bunch of geeks.
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    WCS Homepage make-over

    What's the point? the homepage is just fine.
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    Advertisments WCS Pictures

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    Some news?

    Can this kind of crap please stay in the BS thread? Seriously, it's there for a reason.
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