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    [Spoilers] Your Underhell "Wat the fuq" screenshots.

    wow nice, I love how Mxthe did it like that and I did know Frank was there but didn't know you could quiet him lol
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    I got bored having played Chapter one through a thousand times, so after getting to Level Two I noclipped down to the Level Zero East Wing, specifically the area where we first meet the security team after the infection starts. I assume that's the model used for Jake in the cutscene. Also, in the prologue, if you stack up some crates to get over one of the shipping crates that looks like the one you open up somewhere around here, you'll find an old friend. Who I may or may not have beaten to death. Fun fact, that stops Frank from talking for a while,
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    I feel cheated

    ... Welp. I'm not that smart, am I? Must have forgotten about that from last run.
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    How many are you guys out there?

    Same here. Sitting in anticipation for Chapter 2 got boring after two years.
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    How many are you guys out there?

    Back when Chapter 1 was released I've been checking in almost every day. I still come here, but not so often anymore.
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    How many are you guys out there?

    I have never even made a profile till now, but I've been checking this forum often since a bit before Chapter 1 was released
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    Pretty sweet, nice to see something different around here
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    The WCS totally awesome comic project

    Thread cleaned up, removed all the crap, back to the comic now people (give me 5 I'll post a response just didn't want people wtf'ing at the missing posts). Edit: Scrap that, anyone post a reply.
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    Want You Gone - Music Video

    love it
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    UDK Critical Point

    Looks very nice!