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  1. Hi CornCorn, development is paused at the moment I'm afraid. I'd love to continue do this one day. If it ever happens we'll probably let you know through the (now inactive) FB page:
  2. FAQ

    Some questions around here are being asked more than once in different threads, so I thought I'd make a quick FAQ to collect them all in one thread. - How d'ya solve level #? Check out the level help and walkthrough threads. - Portal concept? Yes, this game is based on Valve's Portal, we never denied it and as loyal Valve fanboys we respect and love Valve. - What commands can I execute in the console? Check out console commands thread. - Can I host Portal TFV on my website? Yes, you can, but please keep the original SWF file and credits. - Where can I download an offline version of Portal TFV? We do not offer an official offline version, that's not our field, sorry! - Portal TFV 2? Level editor? Officially we haven't said anything about those yet, except originally we had plans to include a level editor in the published version. - The console won't show up even when it's enabled and I press ~, why? We were informed that with UK keyboards the key is '@', it may work. German keyboards: DantE said: on a german keyboard layout you need too push "?" for console. - Will the game save my progress if I quit? Yes. The game automatically saves your latest level after you finish one. The game also saves your options. One thing you should keep in mind, it saves it only in the same website - if you play at WCS and then check your progress at NG, it won't be the same. - Controlz? Left mouse button - launch a portal. A W D - movement Q - launch a blue portal. E - launch a yellow portal. R - Close both portals. F - pick up an object. ~ - open up console (enable through the options) O - quick quality adjust. Esc/P - pause game. I'll update this FAQ if I see any more of these questions. Open for suggestions
  3. Hey, sorry for the delay. No, I'm afraid. We had a post about it a while back
  4. Sup guys This week we're expecting a bit of a downtime here and there, we're moving the data to a faster server elsewhere. Also, I'm aware of the very slow response time we had earlier this week. There's another project sitting on the server that's eating up alot of bandwidth and resources. It'll be a lot spacier once we move so no worries Cheers for those still around. There's actually a project coming up sometime soon, beeon awhile. It's a mobile project some of you have been anticipating. But I'm not the one making the announcement for it Ido
  5. Echoes fans who are still around, I know it's not looking too good how we haven't posted any updates recently. The truth is the development's been frozen for a while now. There are a few personal reasons restricting me from major game development. I did not release an official announcement because I had hope this would change, but I can't keep you guys waiting. So yeah stop the wait, Echoes is on hiatus for an unknown period of time from now. Thanks for supporting this production, I hope you enjoyed the first game in the series. We had tons of great improvements in Act 2, taking the concept a step further and polishing it for shizzle. But I'm afraid none of these will see daylight soon. I hope one day we can pick it up again, or at least star similar talents in a new project because the Echoes team is truly amazing. Also, a special thanks goes out to Armor Games for being crazy enough to sponsor a project of this size. Cheers and keep kicking asses, Ido
  6. So now that we can post Youtube videos here, let's do this. In order to insert a Youtube video, hit the "Insert Media" button ( should look like this ), and just enter the full link of the video. Only rule: All comments must contain music. I'll start
  7. OK, so I thought on how to take this forum up, and I came up an idea - Post the console commands you found! Let me post a couple of basic ones: noclip god gravity # (try not messing around too much with that one!) restartlevel nextlevel prevlevel gotolevel # There are a lot more, some deep and some silly, but there are a lot more. Let's see what have you guys found.
  8. Boards upgraded to latest firmware + spam cleaned again.
  9. Ohi again. Cleaning up some bot spam. It looks like there's about 1-2 pages of spam threads generated in a week, usually in "You Create Stuff". Not sure why bots are attracted to that forum especially, I'm thinking about locking it down. I still get reports into my inbox so I take the time to clean up here when I can. I also upgrade the firmware when there's new but bots seem to bypass all of this crappy IP security anyway.
  10. Hey guys, We're currently doing a big ass sweep over the spammers. The registration is on admin verification only. Considering I get 100s a day, this means you'll have to contact me personally to get an account approved. It'll be like that for a few days until things are back to normal in the viagra business Thanks and have a happy sex life Ido
  11. Hey, forgot to update. The anti-spam system is back online. This means new signups are filtered but we may still have spammers that have registered in the past coming in. No nearly as much as we had a week ago though. Keep reportin' and I will make sure to keep bannin' I've come to the conclusion we own a shit forum system (and paying for it). I will not recommend any decent community owner to pay for Invision Powered Board unless viagra the main interest of their community. I will replace this one day. Cheers
  12. Hey, thanks for sticking around! You kick ass. WCS has been in some sort of hiatus lately and we still don't have any new announcements yet.
  13. I'm glad to hear it worked! Have fun
  14. Hey thanks! After toggling cloud sync on both devices, you should have the same progress across. Are you certain you're logged into the right user? Are you connected to the internet via wifi/3g?
  15. Hey guys, Lemme just copy pasta my answer to Ethan about the downtime and errors: We had a malware injection on our server, hacker attack of some sort. I had to take down some stuff to fix it and make sure nobody's affected. Things are now fine, but some stuff aren't fully online yet like we have some database issues... Hopefully it'll be fully fixed within a few days. Oh, no worries btw - no passwords or whatnot were stolen. The intruder had access to some files on the server but not the database. The forums seem to work fine, the only errors popping out were related to the front page system which is not working correctly. So meanwhile I reverted the skin back to the default IPB one so it won't try to connect, therefore not display any more errors. The reason for the attack is probably an outdated Wordpress OR IPB version. This means the forums will go through an upgrade asap and might be offline for a few hours later this week. I know you guys must be mad at us for not posting any updates but I think it's pretty clear by now that, well, 'life happens', and we don't have as much time for our hippy free projects anymore. We still maintain WCS on a low profile because we still love it, and one day we will make more awesome WCS games. Thanks for being awesome and reading this WCS
  16. Let's calm down here shall we?
  17. lulz
  18. Regarding spammers: I was hoping the new version would block whatever script enables them, but I just saw one and removed it. Captcha, security question and email validation are all enabled, there isn't much more I can do. Just keep reporting, Neat just reported a spammer, I got it directly in my email so I ban them rather quick.
  19. Upgraded forums to latest version
  20. Transfer complete Also the CSS issues we recently had are fixed
  21. I finally put that fucker up Btw I'm studying Android, and in a few weeks iOS
  22. I just went through all the photo settings, none limit the file size or resolution. It could be a server problem (php size limit or folder permissions). email me the photos you are unable to upload, I'll try to test them on myself ido at the domain above
  23. Added some temporary content, still missing a few other 'smaller' projects. Any more feedback is welcome, like pedro suggested the upper links (forums about etc.) should be bigger, more noticeable