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  1. You can only loop wav files, we used cue points as seen here: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Looping_a_Sound
  2. Hey man, great job on the guide, I can't exectly make it an official fix since its a "dirty" workaround, however I'll stick this up and link people who ask for help. Valve broke the mod completely, and for now there is nothing I can do, but I'm sure they'll fix it soon, until then your guide is our best chance. Also: These are normal harmless errors the fully working NH2 had as well, no worries.
  3. You need to have Half Life 2 episode 2 installed and own on a legitimate steam account.
  4. I think we've kinda forsaken this place.
  5. Oh man FALLOUT 3 was awesome.
  6. Ask TigerboyPT
  7. 10 at night is early, thats usually when my brain is starting to work. Me gusta is an intenret meme, means "I like." http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/me-gusta
  8. I won't do any more mods, but I do plan to try my luck making a real game with Unity or UDK some time later, probably horror. Also, Echoes is not made by me, thats Ido's project.
  9. I noticed the WCS is a bit quiet these days, well, just letting you guys know we did not forgot it, we're just busy in real life stuff. I have my job, and Ido has his army, but we're still lurking around, and we'll probably bring stuff back to life soon.
  10. Awesome stuff! I was just thinking about the game a few days ago.