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  1. Someone needs to make it like this:
  2. Oh god I lol'd. btw the Imageshack pic is blocked here.
  3. So, Echoes has a nice survival mod, let's see for how long can you guys hold it. So far my record stands at 13:07 minutes. Lets see who beats me.
  4. Just take some RadAway and you're good to go.
  5. 2012 here we come.
  6. Very nice style, I like the SH feeling you gave to it. Ever thought about combining force with UH or something?
  7. As I told you before, Epic.
  8. Haha oh wow. I don't know how to deal with such a massive attack, wait for Ido to come here and do something drastic, keep away from the "you create stuff" section, we're going to nuke this place.
  9. Does it launch in window mode?
  10. Try to right click on the mod in steam, go to proprieties, then set launch options and add "-windowed", then fix the mess, hope it helps.
  11. Have you downloaded the mod from WCS? if so try to install it again, it sounds like you're missing some texture files.
  12. It's not an entity, it's a command, iirc it's something like "playvideo something.bik" in the console. You can use the point_clientcommand entity and have a trigger for it to output this command. And yeah, I think it has to be a BIK.
  13. Son, what the fuck is this shit? Looks like these ARG sites.
  14. http://blog.wecreatestuff.com/?p=450 Not much to say, read it there. Good night.
  15. I'm releasing the NH2 source files (code, VMF's, etc) in a few days, so any coder will be able to make it into a coop or what ever.
  16. It's not a bug. It's the best I could do with my available resources, most people had no problems with it, if you could just shoot the beams from a safe distance the whole boss fight would be lame. I admit I could have explained it more, but no one had such a problem when we beta tested it. Also, when you reach the boss room the same wooden boards are blocking the gates, so you have to use the axe to break them and get in.
  17. I said you're like 13, then you acted like one.
  18. Ain't you like 13? Ain't you like an asshole? You know you can just look at my profile you idiot. Sometimes I get tired of you. I'm talking about something that really struck me, some tact. Hehe, you just proved my point all by yourself, nicely done.
  19. Ain't you like 13?
  20. Happened to a few people, what you need to do is to update your graphic card, it's not a NH2 related problem.
  21. Right now its just for the chines market (you have to start small), later on we have plans on releasing stuff for Kinect on the XBOX, but I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say.
  22. I enjoy my new job, it's pretty much what I did until now only I get paid.