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  1. To be honest I'm a bit too busy for that right now.
  2. I saw Tron Legacy, I thought it's a remake of the first one so didn't watched the first one again (I did years ago but didn't remembered shit) If you haven't seen the first one from 1982 I'd suggest you to do that first.
  3. No idea, for now I don't plan to work on any projects anyway (though I will in the far future). As for WCS, we have more plans for it so no worries.
  4. I'd rather not get into details for now, I'll just say it's here in Israel.
  5. Someone just got into the gaming industry as a level\game designer.
  6. Someone just watched it on TV...
  7. You kinda answered to yourself.
  8. Please vote for Nightmare House 2 in MOTY 2010! (If you don't a creepy girl will come at night and eat your soul.) http://www.moddb.com/mods/nightmare-house-2 scroll to middle, click green button.
  9. It's not them, it's Hed Arzi (a company that import some games here)
  10. Not really actually, it's a mess making everyone talk, so for now it's on hold.
  11. Yeah It's blocked as well here.
  12. Avatar is the first thing people notice, so they think you're me when you're talking about NH3. As for your question, no there won't be a NH3. (unless a big ass company buys the rights for me etc)
  13. The maps are meant to be played with npc_nh_zombies, it won't work.
  14. And what about all the coding such as the new zombies, etc?
  15. What if I don't want to go fast? what if my station is close and I want to stop but some idiot behind me keep pushing me?, unless there isn't any kind of a by-passing system it will cause more problems then solving.
  16. I got the Cyanide And Happiness book.
  17. Just saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World as well, great movie but something with the plot kinda annoyed me, felt rushed.
  18. I also got some mails, damn it looks like we have around 4 Spanish translations, what the hell am I supposed to do?
  19. ^That's right, only the text inside the quotes.
  20. These lines written via game_text entity and you can't translate them. I know a way how to do this, but this requiring map edits. Just open every map in notepad (or notepad++, it works faster) and look for "game_text" lines. You will find "message" line somewhere near "game_text". Then replace first symbol in every message with "#", for example : "Hen Mazolski" - "#en Mazolski" Then create "en Mazolski" "Hen Mazolski" line in nh2_english and translated one in nh2_language. It's little bit odd way, but if you really want them translated, it shall work. With additional `200 mb. Not worth it, just keep it with the subtitles.
  21. Check out the Extra downloads on the NH2 site here: http://nh2.wecreatestuff.com/#downloads The OST features high quality versions of the songs from NH2 plus a few bonus songs, made by Koolfox and Aidin.
  22. 1 - Who say she didn't? she even tried to save one of them from dying. 2 - ^ 3 - Who knows. 4 - Yes, they are. 5 - Yes, she does. 6 - Not really, we had some kind of a flare system we cut. 7 - Creeper, and a Hulk which was some kind of a mini boss (using the poison zombie AI) 8 - There are a few old versions of NH2, which I'm going to release soon. 9 - NH2 has nothing to do with HL2. 10 - There won't be any more mods, maybe a full game if I'll have the time and resources, not in the near future though.