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  1. Helicopter crashes in "NEIN!!!!" I lol'd
  2. Sounds cool, but won't it be broken as hell?
  3. I'm not working on anything right now. @Raptor LIAMA, only the file names with a small R before the numbers are not serious, because they are random sounds that are used by the auto scare system.
  4. Iirc Synergy or something had some mod mounting system that lets you play mods in coop, if they want to use NH2 it's fine by me.
  5. Making full version of all the songs is kinda hard.
  6. I was aware of that at some point, but lazied to add a new fixed sound.
  7. Nice, shame I can't understand.
  8. So guys do you forgive me for delaying it so many times? @iggle It might come later, if people will demand it, as long with some more bonuses.
  9. Sorry I'm not posting here a lot guys, I'm being flooded with mails and comments, needs to wait for things to calm down.
  10. Black Mesa would probably win, but if it's about originality NH2 would.
  11. Stupid HL2 citizen AI, there is always something. And yeah that's npc_nh_creeper he's cut.
  12. By enjoying it you've donated enough.
  13. Haha you guys are awesome, it's fun to wake up and see this. @spiderpiglol: 1 - It's the nurses, originally they were planned to be a real enemy that screams at you but it was too buggy and hard to code, so we cut them, we still didn't wanted to lose the model so I used them in a few parts. 2 - who knows. 3 - It's a part of a random scare system, punches is one of the things it do, if you got hit too much it means you're having a bad luck.
  14. Wow Jkbloo that's one hell of a post! I'm glad you liked it, I read through it all, and the only thing I can say is that things like that makes all the years of work worth the effort. @Mike072, the subtitles are a part of a random scare system called A.S.S (auto scare system), every few minutes it choose something and play it, one of them is a creepy text flooding your screen.
  15. Haha what, how is that even possible?
  16. 1. It is not clear what he actually was, he has the same symbol the first SWAT who's gone had, and later on the other guy asks you if you saw "Johnson" somewhere, was he real or not? even I don't know. 2. You can try to find out, around Romero's "Lab" you can find a lot of info about the story. 3. First thing I do is taking a break, later on we'll see.
  17. Feedbacks like this makes the whole 4 years of work pay off.
  18. Glad you guys liked it, means a lot to me.
  19. You guys need EP2 fully installed for it to work, if it's not helping run EP2 once, then try again.
  20. That was the messiest release ever.
  21. Ok just a heads up, someone posted the download link, some people here got it, who ever did I'm asking you, do not share or say anything about it. Ido is coming back home right now, and should fix everything for the official launch, just wait for a bit more.
  22. Create a new one soon.
  23. Actually there is one. But we're talking about secret dev stuff so NO.