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  1. What do you mean a "run-through"? You mean like a "noclip" run-through or speed playing the game? Speed run.
  2. Okay all the maps are fully compiled, I'm gonna make a quick run-through just to see everything is good to go. BRB
  3. Haha 33 users on the forums, it's been a long time since we had so many, you guys really wants NH2 ain't you?
  4. Nope, I had a dream where I find a insect-sized kitten. BTW, maps are compiling with "final settings" right now.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMUgmU_Hsjc
  6. That god damn kitten!
  7. So... What's next? Other team members are testing it, I'm off to sleep soon, tomorrow I'll get the feedback, fix what ever needs to, and upload. Oh and I also need to make a read-me and an installer, mehhhh
  8. Indeed, just came back, everything is clean.
  9. Yo guys I'm gonna play NH2 from start to finish, let us all pray I don't find a single bug, brb.
  10. I'd take off that last line.
  11. Remind me exactly what the idea was?
  12. Which is totally not hinting about an upcoming release.
  13. All I have left is to fix a few minor bugs in the last level, gonna do it tomorrow, been fixing all day, good night.
  14. Beta testers were Exec, Tigerboy, Koolfox, Guessmyname, Shaolindave, who are all team members, as long with them there were Ido, Neatnit, FullMetalBoy, my brother, and 4 more friends of mine, kinda.
  15. eXeC finish fixing the HUD! Anyway, got all the info I need from the beta, have a nice list of bugs, some things I really hadn't noticed before, demos are awesome. I hope I can fix everything in a day or two.
  16. Looks awesome, but I think it will be exactly like spore, a few days of enthusiasm around the creature creator and then a midcore game.
  17. Just finished watching all the records testers made of them playing. took only 8 hours straight.
  18. Beta test is done, I got all the info I need, now to fix it.
  19. Started receiving the first feedbacks from the beta, surprisingly there isn't a lot to fix.
  20. It's a rar, correctly being uploaded.
  21. To those who asked, NH2 is 700mb unpacked, and 300mb packed.
  22. Cleaning up the mod folder and packing up a zip for the testers, it's almost here.
  23. Wow people on MODDB are bitching like I owe them something.
  24. Crazy work today guys, you fixed things I thought will take 2 weeks in 2 hours.