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  1. weird that it even runs then! Anyway you need to have EP2.
  2. you need to have this game.
  3. Using Steam, verify the integrity of the game cache of HL2:EP2. Then, uninstall NH2 (remove the folder from steam/steamapps/sourcemods) and re-download and re-install it. Also, you might need to play EP2 for like a minute for it to work.
  4. I don't see how they would ever not agree. I can't say I have any say here but if I know them, they wouldn't mind and even like it if you do this. I say go ahead and start, but if you wish to wait for a real answer, that's your choice. I just don't know if they still check this forum... (it's been pretty dead here)
  5. Heh. But from the looks of it, I think this isn't exactly a remake, more like taking it in a new direction. Or something.
  6. You must have Half-Life 2: Episode Two registered in your Steam account, and have it installed, and run it at least once (at least until anything 3D appears).
  7. Looks very nice!
  8. I think someone said once that it doesn't. Chances are it doesn't since it includes a lot of custom stuff, from maps and models to actual code. So sorry, it probably doesn't work. Still, HL2:EP2 is an amazing game that you should totally play regardlessly. But that's besides the point
  9. Have you tried the standard stuff? Check EP2 integrity on Steam, redownload and reinstall NH2, restart your computer of course... Any luck?
  10. You must have HL2:EP2 installed on Steam and must run it at least once. Only EP2 is important, the others aren't needed for this mod. Have fun!
  11. you have to actually buy HL2EP2, no amount of piracy is going to change that.
  12. There is no non-Steam version of HL2EP2. If you have a version that's not on Steam then it's fake and it won't work.
  13. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to them
  14. It's impossible for that zombie to not have a head.. It just can't happen. Anyway, after you get the axe, you should try to exit the door and then the zombie should come back to life. If that doesn't happen - you've got yourself a rare bug.
  15. Never heard of 'PeTI', and google brings up nothing... ?Edit: Ah, silly me
  16. Half-Life 2 does not include Half-Life 2: Episode Two. They are different games.
  17. Did you edit your video in any way? Was it anything other than pure NH2 gameplay? In that case there's nothing actually wrong, so just claim against that claim (I heard there's a way to do that) and your video should be back up in no time. However if you did edit the video, like adding music somewhere or something like that - then that's probably why.
  18. I haven't seen any other than that one. Did you catch some others without me noticing? This might be just a one-time thing.
  19. Always happy to help
  20. Episode Two is here: It is not a part of Half-Life 2.
  21. I JUST accidentally ran into this yesterday! Hen was apparently not aware of either, but he is now Yeah, looks really awesome
  22. Oh good! I didn't even notice it
  23. The original Nightmare House requires the Steam version of Half-Life 2 and can be downloaded here (last line) The Nightmare House remake is included with Nightmare House 2 which can be downloaded from the same place and requires the Steam version of Half-Life 2: Episode Two (which is a different game!). NH2 also includes the original (and doesn't require HL2, only EP2). There used to be a version of the Nightmare House remake that just required Half-Life 2 plus Counter-Strike: Source. I can't find it right now, but you might be able to find it floating around the internet.
  24. Looks awesome! Will the forums be getting a fitting theme? (really all that's needed is changing blue to black) Amazing work on the front page