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  1. 10:14 - G
  2. I'm not talking about the smoothness, I'm talking about the spikyness. Waves are not that spiky, the spikes of the edge of the wave is less dense and yet larger in quantity.
  3. It's great, very smooth. You could practice a bit on the wave though. Maybe study the shape of the wave through pictures and sketches of waves? And I like the scribbly lines and goo-ish ink.
  4. Uhh that's no glitch that's a cheat.
  5. Mamachin, I love the way you think. I'm with you all the way.
  6. JJfox123 said: Hey, I liked the first nightmare house. It wasn't that scary, though, I suggest to add more blood. Also, add a place where you would least expect that Freddy Krueger (Click here for more information) would appear out of nowhere, and attack you. That would make you stay awake, you know what I mean? He'll have more than just a gun, he'll have specail powers. He'll be able to shapeshift to a creature. When he'll be close to defeat you he'll say something as 'You are dead.' or maybe a phrase from his movie. But I'm sure he'll be defeatable, only one tough npc. Your friend, JJfox123. PS: Bring it on Freddy Krueger! Hey there, someone seemed to get a little excited. fixed up your post. I removed parts that were impossible. Example: "You would be able to tell him your name. Not only the name, but also your worst fear - and he'll turn in to that". Hen would have to make over 1000 scripts and models! Anyhow I like that idea, Freddy is creepy. But how could you know that everyone knows about the movie? You should have posted a link for more information, or at least say what he is. As you said it, bro. Bring it on Freddy Krueger! Edit: Sure I brought you to a site which gave you pictures of Freddy, and a picture is worth a thousand words. But a video is worth a million of 'em!
  7. I took the liberty of looking for a nice theme that suits Nit's description, it looks well, a few editing would make the forum more comfortable.
  8. 1)What were the best things you remember from first playing it? 2)Did you really had a fright or just fun? 3)Did you get to play it with your friends (since it's a mappack, it is possible to use it in other mods)? 4)How many times did you play it? 1)The best thing I remember was when we accidently reloaded a map and the hung lady was smiling all over the screen, me and my friend Neat-Nit had really good laughs 2)Just fun. 3)I played with my friend once, it's funny when you share opinions sometimes. 4)One time with Neat-Nit, another alone. Oh, and we tried to play multiplayer on Gmod, but the fact that we had all the weapons ruined some of the fun..
  9. I simply loved your movie guys, ha I loved how the tripod hosted a disco party and how the f-15 blew itself up xD Make some more, I laughed the whole time!
  10. Well, I thought of something, you see a room, and you go inside, you take a medkit and then you go for the exit, as you look at the door it'll close and you'll hear laughing and then a few fast zombies will break a wall and attack you.