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  1. i think you guys should throw in some of those "dream sequences" that they do in F.E.A.R. and Day Hard, where the screen flashes and something happens. For instance in F.E.A.R. there's this part where the lights go out in the room, then come back on and the room has turned into a blood covered hallway. You start to walk down the hallway to the door at the end. when you get there, the door explodes and this face jumps out at you. The lights go out, then come back on, and you're standing in the room that you were in to begin with. Day Hard had some stuff like that too. like this one part where you go into a room and you see all these zombies running around and biting you, then the screen flashes and you see that there's nothing in the room except you. when you entered another room, you fall off a cliff, then wake up and are standing at the door. The best was when you try to open a door and you have this insane 5 second onslaught of creatures and images on the screen. only to find out the door is locked. . . . little things like those that make you afraid to go into a new room. and the mod looks great so far.