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  1. hay there i like nightmare house but it was not scarry i think you need mor blood and you shoud make it were fredd pop out of some plase and win you lest exped it make were you have to stay a wake in the game so if you carrator can fine not just a gun but a way to exc win he has you traped and make it he can use all his powers and the part were you pote your name make not just your name but what you are a frade of so he can chage in to it and the more you run the more time you lose win he coming for you and the theem shoud be plade win you frerst go to sleep. and if you loose then giv an ending so win you die you die in the frome of what you are a frade of. then have freddy lafe at you and say you dead or one of his chach frase from the movie. sine the only guy that can beat freddy your friend JJfox123 ps bring it on freddy