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  1. Making the player feel abit foolish is always fun. For example: Scaring them with a carefully placed corpse which jumps out at their face from the darkness. Making them use the shotgun's alternate fire mode wasting two of their precious shotgun shells.
  2. As far as i'm aware, it is supposed to load up Half-life 2 normally. You just have to bring down the console and type "map nightmare_house1" (without quotation marks of course) and it will load the map. Be sure to play at night... by yourself... with the lights off... with the sound up... with headphones if possible. Oh yeah, just incase you dunno how to bring down the console: Once the game has loaded, go into your options menu and click on the "Keyboard" tab. Then click "Advanced" and tick the box which says "Enable Developer Console". Then go back to the main menu and press the weird key which is above the Tab key and left of the 1 key. Then type map nightmare_house1 into the console and the map should load.
  3. The first time I played it, I had not played hardly anything on the source engine, so I didn't know what it was capable of. Here is what happened... (I played at night with lights off) I got to the bit where the door which leads under the stairs falls open. I didn't have the guts to go in so I just went up the stairs and the bucket scared the [email protected]#$ out of me and I quit faster than i'd ever quit before. Later, when I had finished HL2, and got a better idea of how the source engine worked, i decided to have another go at it. I got the the bit where the door falls open and I figured "What is the worst that could be in there? A zombie or something". It ended up being a corpse and I rolled my eyes at myself. :roll: I managed to finish it in the end, but it was pretty scary.
  4. Okay okay, how about this... You open a door to find yourself standing at the end of a long hallway. The hallway has lights on the ceiling which light it up. But as you walk down the hallway, as you step beneath each light, it breaks and goes out. It continues like that up until about half way down the hallway. When you get halfway, all the lights ahead of you break leaving you only one light left to stand in. Then maybe make the sound of a Fast Zombie running along, and make it coming from both directions so those with good sound can't tell which way it's coming from. Whether to use actual fast zombies or just a sound effect is up to you i guess. Edit: Since it is going to be a mod not a map, you may or may not be including fast zombies. As an alternative to Fast Zombies, you could simply use foot steps (Either running or walking, whatever tickles your fancy) maybe some screaming or weird noises, the kind that a phycopath would be making if he was running at you. It would give the whole "Asylum feeling".