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  1. Player walks past room, can see through the glass and lights flicker as a zombie or something is tearing a citizen to pieces,citizen screams,it goes quiet, and the lights shut off..................After that the lights come back on you see the zombie slipping into the vents only to bust out later on.
  2. Whoa I haven't posted in a while Here are a couple more(they are probably hard to do though) Maybe you could have a scene where the lights go out,then you see shadows of what looks like thousands of zombies waiting for you,you walk closer then the lights flicker on and then shadows disappear.short idea Another one maybe you could have a scene where you get knocked to the ground by something and then thrown threw a window.Maybe the player gets captured.
  3. Are you guys gonna have any new enemies. Perhaps some zombie nurses or giant lab rats.
  4. This time I tried to fit in with the theme. I think You should have maybe the basement are in the facility or something.Anyway you could have the player going through a loud area(machines,loud sound making things).The player will not be able to hear any nearby creatures.So when player least expects it pull a fast one like fastzomb jump out of shadows or something. Have some chilling atmosphere.When your ambiance meets its peek,cut it off.Leaving the player in silence as the only he hears is the growling of a nearby fastzombie coming toward him. Make sure the player doesn't have a abundance of ammo. You could try to make this a sort of survival Horror game. Have sudden loud sounds(bangs,crashes,shouts)when the player least expects it. Say the player just got scared from a previous scare.The player should generrally be calming down,as soon as that happens trigger a loud sound,once again making the player nervous. Here is one scene you should,I don't want to act like you guys are ametaur cause I'm sure it will be good. So here it is.Player is in a vent(small one that you have to crouch through) , a strong fan is far in front of him.As player approaches the fan a "ghostlike" girl comes crawling fast and growling toward the player,as she comes through the fan she disappears.seconds later the player hears a loud creaking sound,and then the fan explodes and sends blades flying. This provides for passage to a new area and some scare. I hope something is this help.
  5. I gots me some more. Ideal#4 You could have a scene were you encounter a door of any kind.As the player walks up to the door to open,a huge pounding begins and knocks the player back.After finding the key/pass to open the door. The door opens to reveal tons of dead bodies,and nothing alive.The pounding is a illusion and you realize all these people were terrified and lock inside with something.Maybe have a gaping hole in the wall with slime around the edges.This is more of the illusion stuff. ideal#5 As you enter a room,There seems to be some sort of switch on the wall.Upon pulling the switch the player begins to here hundreds of footsteps.Once the player turns around hundreds of zombies/undeads run by.As the player leaves the room,there isn't anything in sight. ideal#6 Both of the above will hopefully give the player a uneasy feeling,this ones SCARES THE CRAP OUTTA them(hopefully,cause it sounds scary).Player hallway to see a ghostly little boy(i would just make it a sprite). The boy never faces you.When you come within a few feet.He speeds forward and around the corner.The player continues on and thinks that its gone,but before he rounds the corner the ghost comes speeding back around the corner right through the player and vanishes. You said to flood this thread with ideas,so I hope these help you also.
  6. I enjoyed every part. Jumper several times,and ambiance was great.
  7. I listed a few hopefully one of them is good. Idea # 1 As the player is walking along a corridor,A giant shadow should creep up from behind to the front of the player. The player turns around and the shadow quickly shrinks back into wherever it came. Idea #2 player approaches a lifeless body lying near a vent. A bright light blinds the player but not completely.Player will see the body shoved into vent,with bone breaking,crunching sounds. Idea#3 This one is simple. as the player nears a dark,A body flies out of the dark.The dead body should surprise the player plenty. With all these idead I should start my own mod:D .I hope some of these help.