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  1. Ok, I had to register to add some ideas of the scariest mods I've ever played was called Affraid of Monster, for HL1. (will post a link if anyone wants me too, otherwise just google it). Several occasions I turned a dark corner, to suddenly find I'm instantly being attacked by a zombie....from behind! Also....invisible zombies...nuff can get loads of ideas from that mod if you get stuck....heres some of my own. Atmosphere.....this is important...if you can use sound fx, speach and music subtly in the background...that always helps....people usually overlook music...but just think of the best horror films and how the music kicks in before and after the fright! I like the bit in nightmare house where you where following crying (I think it was anyway)....that helped with the atmosphere alot!! Imagination is the scariest bit...never fill in all the details...either darkness (obviouse)...or full lighting and something you can't quite make out/blurred (not sure anyones tried that before) Instead of a person being dragged into a about having equipment (healthkit when low on health....or a more powerful gun) dragged away from you (into a vent....or down a coridor with a child laughing....perhaps with a trail of blood behind it) Don't think anyones done that before!! Dream sequences...I know they've been mentioned...but there are other ways of doing them....they can be more subtle (buffy the vampire slayer did good dream sequences. Battle star galatica is doing some good ones too)....make the player think it is reality but just start bluring the lines.... Slow down movement.....make walls or doors crumble as unseen forces try and get through...have things disapear and reapper.....or flash in and out like you did with the stalkers.....perhaps make it a slower fade though? Floor falling away....or pushing that a good one, have it turn into a slope and and slide the player into a room full of zombies. Make everything seem fine, then put the player back into the game Last but not least.....people (or corpses)....blank staring people work person floating in the middle of the room (not dead)...bit like the women in nightmare house with the noose... Or perhaps a room full of people just staring at you....or just staring into space not moving......the lighting could get brighter and brighter then flash....the room comes back into focus only to find the rooms now covered in blood, no people...and sobbing can be heard.....only to have the lights then fade out to black, scream or heavy breathing and the room now fill with the lights fade back in slowly Hope that helps!
  2. 1)What were the best things you remember from first playing it? 2)Did you really had a fright or just fun? 3)Did you get to play it with your friends (since it's a map pack, it is possible to use it in other mods)? 4)How many times did you play it? 1) Definatley the matress and the stalkers too!! Its been ages since I played it but there was a bit where you where following a voice or crying or something...that was quite creepy! Reloading for the 20th time at the end and instead of trying to kill all the zombies sprinting for the fence...haha 2) Few frights, definatly fun....few anoying bits mind that broke up the atmosphere. 3) Just me 4) Twice