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  1. And.... sh**. Apparantly I didn't pay any attention during the registration page. My poor username... has an unneeded e-mail ending... crap. Any way to change it? And sorry for the double post too.
  2. Oh! Idea! Ok... here's my extremely long idea. Have nothing happen for a while... all of a sudden you see a man (make up his description, but for the most part, try to make him close to a normal person) in the hallway. He looks surprised to see you, and tells you to quickly follow him to get out. As you follow him, he eventually goes into a dead end, and disappears. As you look at the dead end, you hear him behind you (about, say.... 10 feet behind you) say "Where are you going? This way!" You then continue to follow him again, when you see another dead end. This time he's still with you, in plain sight. He starts walking towards the wall, as if its not even there. Suddenly, a young girl's voice is heard from the wall. "The land of the losssttt... don't... go there..." she/it says. Have some quiet, really scary music play, as the lights dim very slowly, until its fairly dark (make sure to leave enough light on to see whats going on!). The man's face fills with anger, he clenches his fists, punches the wall and screams, "Why did you TELL HIM!" He then starts to breathe heavily, and slowly turns at you. His eyes glow a very soft red (dont make them like flashlights though =P) as he starts to slowly walk towards you. He then screams, and pounces at you, only to disintegrate before he reaches you. The girl who warned you then giggles... :shock: