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  1. So you guys i
  2. Sorry i forgot you guys didnt understand KI it means "K?nstliche Intelligenz" = artificial intelligence AI in german
  3. I dont think they can impliment new enemies, i found not 1 mod witch have new enemies and is still released jet. The work on a new one is much harder then most peolpe think, you have to make a good loking model, animations, sounds, and many many work on coding, the KI alone would take months of work
  4. Oh i see you guys love those pictures I have a new one for you :
  5. I have some ideas for nightmare house 2 : I hobe you understand my pictures
  6. I think we need not much scenes with enemys because its not very scary to see them all 50 seconds I think NH2 shoud be much scaryer then the 1. With the right ideas and excellent work it would be the scaryest map ever