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  1. Here's some idea's. 1# You go around a corner to have a man push you down to the ground. You get back up, then he says "No You Can't make me!" the he runs off around another bend. Once you go around a corner you see his lifeless body on the other side, blood all over the walls, and a scared look on his face. 2# You go into a room, all dark, there is a light on the other end from a cracked wall, showing that theres a light switch. You push it, and thinking it will turn on the lights and you find something spooky in the room, the wall that the switch is on bursts inwards into another room, filled with lifeless body's, when you go in the room the lights turn off, you turn to go into the room you came from just to find fast zombies (or any kind of zombies) ambush you. I will think of some more.