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  1. I have alot of different ideas for NH2. In the first NH it had a sense of being calm yet still having a sense of creepiness while later on the scare level increased, from it being mere surprise scares down to deep paranoia. An asylum is a very good place to hold such a mod like this but if you plan to make it scary alternate a bit from the Asylum to some place else I will explain more on the best areas later. Atmosphere is an extremely important aspect of any Horror game or modification. If you want to make it scary start soft first then increase the level as you progress however to make it so its not so bland mix it up, post random levels of the "scare" in different forms. But its choosing that level of scare and how it effects people. Now when it comes to scary you have to know what's the difference from Scary to absolutely terrifying to downright leading to a insane overload of the human senses. Play on people's phobia's. Claustrophobia is a good phobia to prey on. Have the person go to a room only to find the door in that room is locked and then having the other close behind him and wall's close in, you fumble around with the door handle but nothing works. The walls close in so tightly they hurt you to a slight degree until your actually ducking inside a very small space and then you find yourself in the very same room but nothing has change. Interaction with enemies is also important but interaction with characters is always important. Since it's based in an asylum you have plenty of types of characters. Here are types of characters you could base on: Spirit's Spirits of past victims who had suffered an early fate inside the hell your in. Some may provide messages of warning, some may be gibberish while some may lead you to a danger or a secret. Ghostly figure A figure of a person who mocks and taunts you throughout your travels, something similar to a spirit but torments you, plays with you by taking you to strange locations, fighting enemies or watching and enjoying you squirm inside a trap of sorts it led you to. A helper A person who helps you, he/she provides relief for you, someone you can rely on. Only until you really, truly rely on them do they change. For example, a helper character helped you throughout the level only to find out something happen to said character. The character was horribly mauled to death inside a room which could pose as an escape route, a character turns on you at the last second, the character who was helping you was actually a spirit or a ghost but the helper didn't realise until the end. An Antagonist Someone who is purposely out to kill you in an attempt to escape. For example another character believes you are the cause of this nightmare and so the only possible way to end it, is by trying to kill you in the process, maybe they try be-friending that ypu only to turn and back stab you later on. Basically this person could act as a boss or a figure that has gone insane and kills anything including you in sight. Other Victims Perhaps show other victims like yourself in the same situation trying to survive. Or better yet watch grotesque scenes of other characters being killed only to venture to the same place later on. A good example is seeing that aftermath of that women hang herself in NH. But it should also play on various situations. Sometimes a situation could be a relaxing calm situation then suddenly turn into a horrible one. Have relief points, or sections where a character can relax or rest for a while. However a very sadistic and terrifying way of getting someone to drop their guard is by faking a relief a point, have the player stay in the room to relax only to find out that something happened in that room. Something they wouldn't expect in a room like that. Another good scare is have one very long scare, something that combines multiple actions in one long go. Flashing images, enemies attacking you for short periods, you facing situations such as falling into a black abyss, walls closing in with terrifying music playing and maybe the sound of screaming. Seeing people get ripped to shreds by something only to find your next in line! That should be something the person could never expect and you decide how long or how short it will be or how many you want. To satisfy some people, talk about Items and weapons. Have some items that are placed in an impossible area when your in dire need of help. A low HP situation with a medi-kit put on a really high shelf. A weapon placed in the centre of the room only to have something happen or place several weapons several rooms only to have certain ones with special triggers. have like an RPG sitting next to a corpse as you approach you get the RPG but the floor begins to break and you kill yourself falling for a trap. Another could be a mild scare as you pick a weapon an entity appears behind you and you blast a few shells from that shotgun. Objects as well are important, have them do odd things, float around a room, have them levitate and then thrown at you with such force (do small objects first then increase in size to a near lethal level). Show signs of what other victims succumbed by Objects or use the victims corpse as well. Have a corpse fly through a window, have it dropped from a hole in the ceiling or just have it flung at you. A good example of having witnessed a victim being killed is having seeing him first being killed and then later arriving to the same area only to see an old ageing corpse, as if it happened a very long time ago. Enemies are also important, you can standard zombies like in your first NH , those were good, very well placed. Another good way is to show characters mis-treating you, have characters shoot at you thinking your an enemy. The music & sound is very important, have a variety of sounds. Screams, choking sounds, blood chilling sounds like creepy crying, evil laughter. Music such as creepy silent type music is a definite type, try having the silence of nothing but the wind blowing in the distance until a great howl happens as soon as you open a door. Have the music change once a situation changes, like a door locks and the entire music happens to a very fast beat almost adrenaline pumping rhythm then peace. Environments are very important and are a critical step. For example, you said you were basing it off an asylum. Have it so it changes every so often, sometimes you appear back in the asylum, other times you'll appear elsewhere here's what I got in terms of other locations you can do. Original NH house Much like the first NH, have flashbacks to the same house going back and forth in different areas solving puzzles to get out or face and beat threats. A forest surrounded in darkness of the night. Taken from a scene in Zombie forest, show a scene of an eerie silent forest with a thick fog and winds. Have a lake and various things inside which instil a creepiness about them with occasional scares A lonely Ghost town A ghost town in two separate forms, a barren town in the middle of the day. Completely empty, the only sound is the wind with cries of pain and suffering from various areas of the town. A second version could be one set at night, always constantly raining. Enemies are abundant, cries of pain and victims suffering everywhere with blood soaked walls with signs of decay and death. A complete white room. A room completely white, devoid of life and yet hearing the sounds of lost souls in the distance. A single man appears before you, babbling about something. Before long your sent back into internal darkness with the sounds of pain, enemies around and screaming. The Asylum The asylum itself both in a current state, a twisted and deformed state and as if it has been abandoned for years. Something that instils a mystery while still providing decent storyline. And finally an ending sequence, sometimes placing two, three or even four ending sequences make it more interesting and able for people to have a very good replay experience. The replay value will up with more endings, as players get to see the result. Thats all for now, hopes this helps