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  1. Yes I agree with the idea of a poltergeist but we have to make sure the tone is set. Having one just randomly appear or when your armed to the teeth is just not scary. One thing I've noticed is that ghost's and demons can be anywhere so remember that in nighmare house and don't forget that ghosts should be in it too. They often are observers and will either run away, or RUN towards you. Oh and have really really barely audable voices. In actual haunted places - if you take highly equipment which is highly sensitive to sound waves you can actually here different pharses, sentences or responses from ghosts or .. whatever is there. Demons/ghosts can also possess objects and all in all..whats scariest is the evil that we don't know... (PLEASE INCLUDE A SHADOW RUNNING ACROSS A WALL OR SOMETHING )
  2. Hey its been a while: I'd like to share an idea with you guys...that happened to me. Walking up the stairs and from the side view of my room's door with the light shining through I saw a shadow of a "thing" walking..then disappear in my room. No one was there when I looked inside my room after. Here are some others things I'd like to point out. Ghosts and demons..they happen everywhere. Your never safe (fact). -Have an area where you shine a light and down the corridor there is a shadow of a person on the side of a wall (even though no one is there). Then have the shadow run away. -Have a vast area where the player can see a lot but have a very distant area where you see a ghost committing suicide somehow. (based of two true sightings) -Make the theme very quiet then have something really weird happen like this with the cabinet -
  3. PROJECT ORIGIN ... 14393.html [/b]
  4. Lets also do that thing in Half-Life 1 where there is a scientist with a head crab on him moving back and froth on a chair infront of a blinking TV in a completely dark the beginning where Black Mesa is destroyed.
  5. My friend brought up a great idea of walking down an area/hall where there are lots of statues of monsters (all the same). Now as your walking you see one move..just a bit. The slightest bit..enough to make the player go..."wtf was that.. .... .... .... .... .... ... ok must of been nothing" then you keep walking then one of those statues POPS to life and comes down doing massive damage to you clawing away at you! You kill that one then ALL the other ones come alive destroying everything in their path behind you coming for you as you run away from them. Make it so as your running away there are lots of rooms and paths you can take, not your room exit kind of thing.
  6. Man I don't expect many people to read this or take notice of it but right now I'm so pissed. Just entered in grade 11 and recently had a girl friend. Being a hardcore FPS gamer and getting a girl friend is a rare thing. And when I did I realized how many years I wasted on the computer playing. Like non stop. Now..I really do believe in God and I heard from a famous pastor (Charles Stanley) that there are certain things that God wants out fo your life. Either it be TV or whatever because it keeps you from God and his plans. Now I'v recognized that he has been telling me to get off the computer and computer games or severely cut back on them. Obviously this is a huge blow to me. And I'm like..ok..find I'll try it out. I try 40 days of no computer games but all the time I lose hope and give up after like 20 days. When I do I don't care about school, family, God and overall I get so mad at myself and why I'm still playing...soldier of fortune 2..demo... ... and other games I've been playing for +4 years now...(FPSs mostly). So today I screwed up again and I'm so mad. I need help and my mind is going crazy so I tried making a situation. This is what I made up. _________________________________________________________________ Stuck with something I don't like but it brings me some happiness/relief from the obvious stresses of life(Games). It ruins important parts of my life (like..homework/relationships..which I hope for but never happen) but it gives me some enjoyment. On the other hand, I can endure 40 days without video games to see if I can get something better. Something MUCH better than video games that is "healthy" for me. Not really sure how good it will be but supposingly MUCH MUCH better. Is 40 days worth it? Do I want it badly enough? Well...what can it be? What can that "thing" be? I don't know! Its supposed to be something better than video games!!! So I'm guessing maybe a real loving and long lasting relationship (girlfriend). Right now I don't know. Guys I need your opinion because I'm switching back from staying up till 2:00am playing FPS games + leaving homework to last minute + relationships just being thumbs down and being polite, being close with God, putting more happiness/love in my family and actually spending time with my brother + trying to be optimistic despite I not seeing much happen + being out of my comfort zone + constantly trying to push myself and take risks. Please guys, I need some opinions/help. I turn to this forum because its much smaller and feels more person. Other forums that I discussed this with just..mocked it and said that I should either not give a **** or passing it off as just another phase of life.
  7. Hey if you like it a lot don't forget to check the idea forum where you can submit your ideas and make NH2 as good as possible!!! http://wecreatestuff...topic.php?p=9#9
  8. "...there is also no such evidence (from science) that prove the existence of ghosts, demons, and spirits generally." True but there have been documenters and journalists that have caught on tape demonic situations and events (BBC). They are real, there is no denying that. Personally I don't want to encounter a ghost or demo at all. Although I saw a white form..not a blob or glowing thing..but a white form in my room at night traveling across my feet and into the wall at night while I was in my bed. At first I thought there was some water in my eye that could of caused that so I blinked a few times then after I realized that this wasn't something normal..I started freaking out a bit (not as much as I thought). This other time I clearly..and I say clearly again because when I first saw it I thought to myself that I cannot be seeing what I'm seeing so I did a mental check and told myself that yes I'm seeing this. I saw a shadow of a man/thing slowly move into my room while I was climbing my stairs. When I went in my room..nothing was there. On the subject, you can make the game so that you don't fight anyone. It can be creepy when you think that you're about to get attacked and you don't. Wouldn't people sooner or later get bored and realize there is nothing to be scared of? This is a FPS (First Person Shooter) anyway. Also, as music you could use some soft ghostly piano or violin.Or even a ghost singing. I'm totally with you on this one. Violins and pianos can build up such suspense..oh man. I just don't think the ghost singing idea is too great. I'd suggest suddle screaming noises and mutters. Something like your hearing something that happened from the past. All these happened in Dark Fall, and it was creepy as hell. Footsteps on the floor, knocking your door and hearing whispers. If you have named the character you can make the whispers say his name. Oh heck yes..definatly footsteps, knocking (LOUD) on your door and hearing whispers. A definite must. But for the whispering of the characters name ... which the player can type in..we would need millions of different .wav or .mp3 files so we could get every single name. BUT BUT BUT! We can make a list of maybe 50 names and have someone say them out..then add an effect to make it whisper. Then if the player enters in a name that matches the name recorded in the .wav or .mp3 files it will play as a trigger or even in a certain part of the level! If it doesn't find a match from the named entered and the recorded names then it just won't do that. That would be SO sick really. Honestly. I would gladly spend my weekend doing that for you guys. Just need to get the right effect to make it a little girl whisper... PS: I don't think that demons are very appropriate for this. Remember, it's (at least i think it is) a haunted house or an enchanted one. I firmly believe that magic CAN fit in the story pretty easily. Or a good old fashioned ghost story. Oh man sorry I highly if not enormously think demons should be in this. Hey it looked like it was in Nightmare House 1! They are as scary as scary can get. Nothing is worse then something from hell (or hell itself but were on earth for now).
  9. "Also, you could try modeling the weapons to have a "vintage" feeling. For example a old style Remington, or a Revolver, or even a musket, to show that it existed since the dawn of man, and stuff like that." Thats a cool idea but IMHO I think we should keep things more modern and up to date. I like firing a Spas shotgun more than a musket. "P.S: I am aware that this mod isn't about magic, and probably won't be added to the game, but I'm hoping for a horror mod with the magic features i suggested. P.S 2: And yes, I know I am a Silent Hill maniac :P" I was thinking more of demonic things and supernatural things happening rather than Harry Potter kind of magic. Magic is fake but demons and such aren't. No really they aren't. They can do some really f'ed up things to you and your house. Check this out. This is what I hope to see in NH2 PS: This stuff is real. Thats what makes this so scary.
  10. Alyx betrayed me :| (but we put that behind us and moved on
  11. If by the end of finishing this map you don't go "wtf.." then...I don't know what to say. I loved this map. Some parts were kinda hard but I won't forget this mod for a LONG time. Try it out people.
  12. Ok first of all this is going to be a huge post and I don't expect you guys to read it all or even comprehend it. Its just my little jot notes and observations of the movie "The Shining" Try reading through and making out of it whatever you can. At first it establishes the scene. It draws the player in and starts of with a weird disturbing music. Maybe this means the viewer should expect something really..really disturbing. It really sends a chill up my spine with all those echoes and screams. It makes things so believable. Anything can happen. Nothing looks unrealistic. VERY believable. A very lively environment. It puts a background. Ok something I noticed. We all know this is a horror movie. And its based in a hotel. At one point you hear the mother say "...well how come you don't wanna go...well just wait and see..were all going to have a great time.." Then the main antagonist..he has some background given on him. You can observe how he acts..some depth is created into his ways. Once again its made believable. *maybe Isolation is needed..for a scary effect. Maybe.. I like it how people in the movie really connect with the antagonist. They show real emotions..concern and all. Like having a real situation going on. Something completely unreal happens. Blood coming out of elevators. Something mind shattering with screams. Eyes wide open. This movie is random. "After a couple of minutes, it will be hard to tell what's real and what's a dream. " There is an underlying danger. Something at the back of your head. Any you know it. This is a queer effect and usually everyone gets that feeling. Perfect for maybe the first encounter with a monster. Before you find out about it..put an underlying danger at the back of the players minds. The music really adds a sense..of danger. Something horrible. Something you don't see all the time. man that music. It puts something in the back of your head. It gets your attention. Something happens. It makes you turn around and tells you danger is staring straight at you! Something beyond your comprehension. Something terribly horrible. The evil that you don't know is what scares you.. When I'm scared and tense. I'm attentive to every single sound. Even in the slightest click sets me off. F.. "This place is so big!" Don't let it get you down Ms. Turner, its big but its still nothing but a kitchen! And alot of this stuff you'll never have to touch. "I wouldn't know what to do with it if I did." (Pshhh yea right, foreshadowing that she might use a big fricking cleaver or something here) Also look at when the black guy when he introduces the freezer with all the meat..the protagonists will probably have to use this place somehow out of desperation somehow! (edit: she does use it to trap the enemy in there) Weird how the kid sees something every now and then and they play if the kid senses something in the impeding danger. (background voice turns into echo and kid focuses on something. Maybe there should be some scary scenes where they have some depth/history in them. In the place where you are..there has to be a story behind it. It has to be a location that lived at one point in time in the past. Hmm..the character is told to stay out of room 237 but not told why. The hotel is very isolated, big, elaborate and empty. The enemy says...its as if I was here before. Maybe we can re-create that awkward dejavu effect. Like tell the person..don't go in room 647. DON'T go into room 647. Then you go past that room in the hallway... Then you go somewhere for a very long time like fighting in a different environment for a long long time (up to the point that you almost forget how that room looked like). Fighting lots of enemeis in the meantime. Then in the end you come running back. Down that hallway. That same hallway. Panting. Scared. Running away from something. And the..same..hallway you come across..only its different..slightly different (to emulate the effect of the mind thinking a place has changed over time)..and when you come across that says 947 (but its actually a 6 thats been moved to a nine) and you go in and die. Could be a cool end! There always has to be good then bad. So in an has to be good at first..then turn bad...Maybe the player should come across an environment that seems normal then when they come across it again its completely different. Ruined by evil. Make it feel as if they are being watched..and studied..carefully. Something knows you. You can feel it. That room that that person told you not to go stimulates your imagination..and curiosity. The place is can roam any where and do anything.. Once again you got that barren loneness's place..and then you got a mad man..somebody watching..thinking about you. Watching your every move..and ready to do something. You can forshadow the mood..the sense..the feeling..the things you see..the music. There is always a possibility for something. What can happen is known..just not used. I think this is something we can use in the game. Not always being a one way.. can't do this or that kind of thing. I think in the game the player should be allowed to desperatly do whatever they want and if escaping and running away here or doing what they want is what they want that is what will happen. If they choose to lock themselves in a cellar from monsters.f..they can do that. If they want to run into the kitchen and grab a knife..they can do that! ex. when Pinky smashes through the window in Doom 3 ..wouldn't it be great if you could do whatever you wanted and just run through the door and do such and such instead of doing the obvious and blasting it away. idea..being chased by monsters..ur screwed. White walls..then you close them off by closing a door behind you and boarding it up with a stick..and shortly after seeing the monsters bashing back and forth. THEN with a awkward sigh of relief, when you look behind you as if in see the girl for a second. In the movie...places are introduced..casually but secretly you know they will be used as a scary situation... .. lets build on that .. . There is one thing for sure. Something is ****ed here. That is for sure. mirrors... .. lots.. make whatever the player thinks ..make an illusion or visual illusion represent them. Mimick what the player thinks in his/her head and then display it like a mirage/illusion echoes..enhanced vision, times player sees things that aren't really there. All in his imagination..just a guy going mad..simply mad. If you were there, that person would be talking to no one (but in that guys mind he is talking with someone) Ruthless, stopping at nothing. When the player has a doubt/pondering as if nothing else matters play a heart pounding sound. When you have an environment that is very detailed and elaborate..someone could be hiding almost anywhere so it makes the player very insecure. Very unsure what can happen. As a..plain environment get weirder and weirder and at the pinnacle where some REALLY weird stuff are happening like unknown stuff play wacked music and as things get worse and worse like words become unreadable and just a jumble make the music get loud and louder. Use the frantic effect when nothing makes sense anymore. When shit just happens and your sense of perception is just twisted, when you turn a corner it takes forever, halls become longer, words are no longer readable, room start having black ooze coming in and the ENTIRE environment changes. The player will be able to run ANYWhere (remember how the player can do anything? keep that concept in mind) When a danger is coming, and you know it do suddle things like footsteps..then knocking..if no response then LOUDER knocks on the door....HERES JOHNY! When your hiding from something...make it so you can hear the footsteps...and while your hiding you can hear yourself breathing. If you want to make the alone effect..have a big area..good furnishing..make it so there are TONNES of places where ppl can be so thats y it has to be really well mapped. If your being chased by something/someone..have the person making noises while coming after you, desperate for you, stopping at nothing and CLEARLY over powers you. He/It is SHOUTing at you. Saying how he/it is going get you.a` Sometimes have RANDOM figures like a bear/bunny blood stained or something just..L00K at you in a queer way. Like in this queer freaky effect. Like this... Wow that will be weird. . .random random freaky stuff can make all the difference in a situation where your perception of reality is really screwed. have a dimly let place where there is an entrance with obviously..doors and such and there are some windows. Make it so you see them from a distance and have a shadowy figure just looking at you. And after a approximate average time when the player should located it ..have it all of a sudden DISAPPEAR in a flash with a sudden freaky violin sound*![/img]
  13. oh oh oh. You know those fear moments? When they happen don't just dim the lights or whatever. Add echo sounds,enhanced vision and times. That will be cool. PS: Music plays a HUGE roll. When you got a scary even happening like maybe in NH2 things start shaking uncontrollably in a room add some Frigged up music. That will be cool. Also, when you have the players attention and he has to make a big decision play a heart pounding sound.
  14. is a list of the scariest movies of all time. ... horror.htm I'm going to watch some of those movies off and try getting every detail to why its scary and how we can make NH2 as scary as possible.
  15. Alongside all this I though I'd add some tutorials/pictures that might give you guys some more ideas/inspiration. Try follow the tutorials. They are free but not cheap. Its worth the extra effort learning them if you ask me. Realistic Cracked Wall: http://forum.interlo...pic.php?t=16893 Colour Correction! (can make a SICK SICK effect like in FEAR) http://www.interlope...pic.php?t=17780 Moving view (Cut scene effect) http://forum.interlo...opic.php?t=3504 Camera Tracking http://www.interlope...pic.php?t=14586 Moving Light (can be used cleverly to make a freaky flashlight effect) http://forum.interlo...opic.php?t=1797 Breakable Boarded Door http://www.interlope...pic.php?t=15421 Cube Maps (worth the pain) http://forum.interlo...opic.php?t=1965 Swinging Lights (can make a nice effect) http://forum.interlo...opic.php?t=4209 Custom Sounds (players are already accustomed to HL2's so this will bring something new in it) http://www.snarkpit....editing.php?pag ... HL2&id=136 Proximity_Door (Door that opens when a player enters a certain area) http://www.snarkpit....editing.php?pag ... HL2&id=191 Television Tutorial (maybe when you look at it, it shows a normal room but out of the corner you can barely see a small shadow move...its small things like these that make differences..) http://www.snarkpit....editing.php?pag ... HL2&id=127 Things fall from the ceiling? http://www.snarkpit....editing.php?pag ... HL2&id=207 My own little thing Instead of using overlays to make a structure look like it has a window/whatever, try actually making the room with a window and different things in it. Its small things like these that make a difference! Realistic Tunnel/Cave (just in case you want to) http://www.snarkpit....editing.php?pag ... HL2&id=124 Volumetric Light Effect (make it a grey light..not sunshine happy kind of light) ... utorial=44 Breakable Padlock http://www.halfwit-2...tutorials&id=87 Custom Normal Maps!!!! VERY VERY useful if you want to set the mood right!!! http://www.snarkpit....editing.php?pag ... HL2&id=186 PS: Use this program called crazybump instead of the nvidia normal map filter!!! Trust me its a life saver and is much better than nvidias normal map filter!!!!!!!!! when..editing/making a normal map in ..photoshop that is (omg that took a long time browsing all those tutorials...finishtime: +2 hours