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  1. Portal Flash Version is made for flash player 8 +9, I'm sure exactly, but WII can only handle the one below it, that's why some components don't show. You'd have to fix that...
  2. lolz
  3. Im going as Alan partridge, made my own mask
  4. It created an invisible wall which i could behind ;/
  5. Awesome Congratulations!
  6. Hot, did you do it all yourself?
  7. Examples of graphical work you've done..?
  8. have you enabled it?
  9. I highly doubt any of us will get modship ;p Bickering about the silliest of things, they'll choose someone who posts well and doesn't moan about wanting to be a mod
  10. guitarlesson said: citricsquid said: maybe if you were to improve your grammar and spelling theni'm sure they'd consider you I'd vote for you ;D First of all, since we're talking about grammar, you did not capitalize "Maybe" at the begining of your sentance, nor did you properly punctuate. Second, poor grammar does not constitue spam. Just type "define spam" into google. I define spam as unsolicited promotional messages of any kind from complete strangers. In short, for something to be spam, there must be a sales pitch. I didn't mean "Perfect Grammar" i just meant it as clean up your posts, make them readable. Also, spam is a very loosly used term now-a-days, i meant it as "Not a constructive post"
  11. Try the @ key
  12. Used sharedObjects i guess, then. Just wait for Hen of Ido
  13. Cookies, i presume. Search your cookies.
  14. Haha, he never paid a penny. Someone tried to, but they never suceeded.