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  1. So I figured we'd need this thread in the next few days... Any problems with Echoes, if you're stuck in any way, post away and we'll see if we can help.
  2. Awesome would love to see iOS releases (Interlocked port would be hawt)
  3. No problemo! I loved that song, something different in this day and age. I suppose I should included a song, hmm, something a bit more meaningful
  4. "like" buttons at the bottom don't link to the Facebook group etc. I really like the look of it though, oh and there's still some "lorem impsum" at the bottom. My only gripe is the front page, forums and blog are all themed completely different - I know that's asking too much given your schedule, I just remember you talking about streamlining that a while back so thought I'd point it.
  5. Where did you get Half Life 2 Episode 2 from?
  6. Working fine for me. Also I had no idea ctrl+r refreshed, I always used F5...
  7. I'm still alive, but yeah even the tumbleweed has stopped visiting lately. Traffic has always sorta fluctuated with projects so I think Builderboy is right. There never seemed to be many people who stuck around. Also I think the front page being down might have made a lot of people think the forums down too, perhaps there should be a link up there?
  8. Sounds interesting, I remember seeing an FPS TD game before and it looked really fun to play. Oh and the concept art is really well done, very atmospheric. D'ya go to uni in Bristol btw? I got a few friends there, one is doing Art & Design
  9. fuckin' hell, a lot of spam here. Deleting it all now...although so many get posted a day I doubt I'll be able to keep up

  10. It wasn't your choice of letter just why the fuck would you post "k"? It is just pointless. No one cares if you're "k" with this post or not and giving such a short answer is impolite.
  11. It apparently ends on my birthday
  12. Nit, no need to be a dick about it. Happy new years, anyone do anything for it?
  13. Someone suggested this to me the other day and it made me laugh so I thought I'd share it here. The aim of the game is simple, go on Wikipedia, hit the 'Random Article' button and from there on you're only allowed to follow links to other Wikipedia pages, with the aim of getting to the page for Osama Bin Laden. Post the path you took's an example: Random page threw me this: Then I followed to: Next was: Then: Followed by: <== got to this one by clicking on the word "Iraq" That took me to: Then finally, we found him: Of course, this game can be applied to any article...try it, it can be surprisingly hard. That time took me 6 clicks, can you beat it?
  14. Are he...what? The life insurance links...the...either bots are getting way too fucking smart or someone just sat there playing the Osama Bin Laden Wikipedia game purely so they could spam.
  15. Happy holidays guys. I got the new Deus Ex, Crysis 2, a bunch of socks, chocolates, etc. On the downside my laptop broke on xmas morning D: but t'is fixed already. I heard there's an error on the self service checkouts at a local super market and £35 headsets for Xbox's are scanning as £0.00 so I'm going to check that out! ;D
  16. Also, I had bookmarked and that no longer works
  17. I really like the new design, abundance of blue is a bit out of place but the general design looks good.
  18. Whilst rewarding players with better guns may seem counter productive I ask you this: would you play a game that TOOK AWAY guns the more you played? Like I mentioned, I'm not very I understand what you're saying but it doesn't shock me at all that that's how the game is structured. I seriously can't think of a single game (feel free to go looking...) that locks content rather than unlocks it. As for the whole "you have to be an asshole to win" thing...yeah this is true. I was using Theatre Mode the other day and whilst looking through a game I played I noticed that you could follow anyone. Thinking that it'd help me play better and just out of curiosity I thought I'd watch the whole match from the top scorers perspective. Firstly kill streaks contributed to a large number of their kills, and secondly they sat behind a desk in the corner of a room for a very long time just staring at doors waiting for someone to run through. (edit: I should elaborate here, this is a fault in the people that play it really. Also, if you look around there's usually a way to circumvent this kinda play such as a window to throw a grenade through, a piece of equipment to help you or a wall you can shoot through). But back to my original point: it has all these faults which are quite clear, yet Black Ops, MW2 and MW are the 2nd, 4th and 10th best selling games of the decade respectively. It's one of the best selling video game franchises of all time. It's known for breaking it's own sales records. Why? Because it's fun...numbers don't lie. That's not to say that commercial success equates to a good product but considering people collectively spent over a billion dollars in the first weeks of MW2 and Black Ops coming out combined they must be doing something right...and I think it's simply the games are fun.
  19. Why does everyone hate CoD? I mean, it's over rated no doubt but it's not that bad. I've played far worse games... at least CoD can be fun - now I know that's an opinion but it's fast paced and full of action. I've never been a huge fan, I picked up Black Ops about a month ago to see what all the hype was about and I've had fun with it (although I get my ass handed to me most the time). On a side note I just finished Arkham City. I advise you all to buy that game, sell vital organs if required. It's worth it. The story is amazing, I'm a Batman fan and I guess the interpretations of the characters are more interesting if that's the case but the game is solid no matter how you look at it. The combat would be repetitive if it wasn't for the wide range of fuckin' cool shit Batman carries around with him to spruce things up, but other than that it's quite hard to find criticisms. I think I'm going to go for 100%, which is rare for me.
  20. Still alive and no, not yet. Might grab it next Tuesday, not sure though. Just got Arkham City and I'd suggest that to everyone, it's awesome.
  21. I'm not quite sure what I just watched but I liked it. On a side note where can I get some of that Acid you're clearly on?
  22. What's with all the spam in your post and signature? Pretty sure it's just an on-topic bot.
  23. Ok so today I went to try to hook my laptop up to another monitor and when I opened it the native screen was on. Thank you magic laptop fairies for saving the day.
  24. It's ok, 9/10 times the "stupid obvious things" are the problem. When I restart the laptop not connected to anything I get the exact same result. Nothing. Flicking through all the AV channels didn't work although amazingly this didn't come to me at the time. I have a desktop in my house so I can test it on that monitor, it's 2am here though so I'll leave that 'til tomorrow. As for kicking it that was obviously top of the list I tried poking Google again but I just get a bunch of crap on physically replacing the screen that comes with the laptop. Got the laptop for £20 ($30 or 115 Israeli Shekel (what's the symbol for your currency btw?)) so it's not the end of the world but I was looking forward to watching YouTube vids on a big TV.