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  1. Turns out the same thing happens on that level in all other instances of those hole-in-the-wall portions. I can see what's happening: - Walls that are supposed to be simply holes without the ability to place a portal have that ability; and - The arc for shooting a portal through a hole is much wider on this level than on others. It's a more broad glitch for the level in general, not just in the places I mentioned.
  2. There's an easier method: 1. Place two portals below where you start out: one as close to the barrier as possible, the other nearer the ledge you're standing on. Jump into the portal closest to you and you'll start doing a "portal trampoline", as it were, similar to Ido's image above. 2. Whichever color portal is closest to the starting ledge, get ready to place another portal of that color. If it's blue, for instance, hands on the Q key. 3. At the apex of your trampoline jump above the portal closest to the barrier, activate a new portal on the ledge just below the energy beams. If done correctly, you'll still be doing the portal trampoline, but you'll transfer one side of that trampoline to the energy beam ledge. 4. Time your move carefully so that you're jumping out of the portal closest to the energy beam when it shuts off, then simply move to your right and quickly jump to the exit. Easy.
  3. This image shows two glitches in level 38: First, the orange portal shows that a portal can be used to return to the sub-room I am currently standing in, and can be created from the sub-room to my right (where the third box is). Second, the blue portal was created from where I'm standing, as well. Using both of these, I was able to obtain the third box in the room directly to the right of where I'm standing and activate all three switches on the ground level without using any of the upper half of the level. I think if you want to make the time you spent on this level worthwhile, you'd better change something.