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  1. Hen7 said: Lucky for me that I'm getting a new comp Yea, because to play Crysis at even the most humble settings; you'll pretty much need to have hardware which is no more than a year old. As for most other games Ido listed up there, I think you get more bang for your buck by just buying a 360, and playing those titles on the console. Actually, you could probably buy two 360's, and that would still be significantly less than all the money you would need to spend on the necessary PC hardware. Although, if you are a developer, a PC would be worth the money, because mod tools and programmer assets are usually found in the PC domain, rather than the console world. And man......the Crysis world editor is just........well it's insane. I don't know if you guys looked at the GDC videos, but the tools are beyond amazing.
  2. Hen7 said: Very nice, although I hate how people stuck HALO everywhere, I mean, its a good game (I finished 2 and 1) but damn whats all the hype about. It's because Halo was the first FPS on any console to actually create and sustain such a large multiplayer community. Given, the marketing for Halo 3 was somewhat excessive this time around (at least when compared to the previous releases), but that's to be expected when you have a company like Microsoft behind it. Either way, it a nice game all around. PS: O, and I personally prefer counter-strike.
  3. Foamy said: If you where a Moderator You would delete posts with pictures in them. Not posts with images, just over-sized images in the signature space. I explain my reasoning further in this post: http://wecreatestuff.../forums/viewtop ... light=#813 PS: "where" relates to location.
  4. If I was a moderator, this thread would be locked.
  5. Very impressive for a first game. Even though stick figures are not really my thing, I liked the concept. Awesome, 5ed.
  6. I'm glad you all like it, and thanks for the 5's. About the difficulty; It only seems difficult because most people are not used to doing more than one thing at the same time, and in order to beat this game that's what you essentially need to do. Be careful about when and where you "bust" your clouds (because if you just keep wasting them as soon as they show up, you won't be able to use them very efficiently -> you need to plan ahead). As for the lack of gaps between monsters about a minute or so in......well that's how it should be. The point is for you to *make* your own gaps (this is where "planning ahead" comes in handy). Also, it only takes 40 kills to beat the game, and there are only 4 stages of acceleration, so it should be at least "doable" for most.....Then again, I could be wrong. How many of you actually finished it?
  7. Foamy said: So you are also against posting images at all? No. Posting images here and there is ok, because it's not something that people do *all* the time, and when they do, it's usually something different/interesting/useful - so it's worth waiting/scrolling for. The (even now) over-sized images in your signature are added *every* time you post, and are always the same/same loop. My personal opinion (which is what I think this thread asks for) is that images in signature space should be disallowed all together. Is that right or not for this forum? -> That's for the administrators to decide. However, regardless of the final decision, you should still (in the interests of friendship and community) at least use a smaller image, because it's really far too large, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Of course, it's just a suggestion. PS: For boards that decide to allow images in signature space, the "rule of thumb" is usually 3-4 text lines high. And that's for more than just bandwidth issues, it's also for consistency.
  8. 1. When there are no big images being loaded off places like photobucket or image shack; then yea. (one of the reasons I'v been against images in sig space - not everyone has the luxury of a high speed internet connection, so that kind of stuff can really extend load times in that case) 2. I don't think any more options need to be added. 3. No. 4. VBulletin (maybe), but only if the community becomes huge; Otherwise the current setup will probably do just fine. 5. Yes. 6. Yes. 7. Not as of now. 8. No. 9. Disallow images in the signature space. 10. Of course.
  9. Foamy said: Signatures are just a little spot for you to display stuff. Yea, but not to the point where your signature makes up more than 50% of your post on average. Really, it becomes borderline spam at that point. Also, I don't think you can use the words "little spot" in relation to your signature (unless the definition of "little" changed recently). Quote Modding them should be just be not allowing it to actually disrupt the forum layout, or if there super huge. Mine should be around the limit. You do realize that for every post in this thread (so far), your signature took up more than half the space.... You really think that makes the forum page easy to look at, or browse for that matter? PS: "there" is used in reference to a location.
  10. I would recommend actually enforcing the 80x80 avatar rule, for starters. I also think images in the signature space should be disallowed, or at least restricted (avatar should be enough for everyone). I mean if you look at the "spam-like" arrangement in foamys sig space; It really makes the whole forum page look like all those ad sites. It's also very hard to look at......but that's just my opinion.
  11. You can also download the mp3 from here: Just goes to show that this game is innovative on more than just the gameplay level. Either way, I think it's worth making a thread about......or not, but whatever.
  12. http://www.newground...tal/view/400207 I got a Newgrounds account some time ago (It's "Mi10" because regular old "Milo" was taken ), and as a first submission I made this small game. It's not anything all that special (because I pretty much learned AS2 as I made it), but I think it's still decent compared to some of the other stuff that makes it through the Newgrounds portal. I plan to make more - just as soon as I learn AS3.
  13. Yea, I think most people already know. Actually there were a bunch of interviews with the members of the original NB team. They talked about how it felt like to be hired by valve on the spot, working on portal and so on. Man, I can just imagine how they feel. Working for Valve is a dream come true.
  14. @ Mr. Zero Wow, that is way faster. I mean in the sense that it's faster to get through the level of course (I don't know about you guys, but even with the image quality on lowest, the later levels still lag quite a bit for me). I was wondering: Did anyone hold a good framerate on the later levels, and if so could you please describe your set up (machine specs, memory, processor type etc).
  15. Ido said: I'll be honest, I agree about the flash 'downside'. But it's like Live Messenger - You hate it, but you have to use it. Heh, I'v never had to use Live Messenger. But I think I can understand what you're trying to say in this case. For interactive media on the web, Flash is definitely the most popular publishing platform. I mean whatever you make (be it games or movies), if you made it with Flash you can post it to a site like Newgrounds and get unbelievable coverage within minutes. That's a very powerful thing (promotion wise especially), so I'm not surprised that talented developers (like yourself) would make the performance sacrifice. It's common, I think. PS: Is this game running in AVM1 or 2? Also, did you borrow any code for physics/collision detection, or is it all yours (<- if so, did you write it from scratch, or do you have your own general engine that you use and improve upon over time)?