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  1. you know what? I think there should be a command to disable the red lasers and another command to disable the blue fields
  2. Litigation Jackson said: yeah thats pretty easy but it should be... you deserve that cake after all youve been through... and greif therapy. (an actual portal quote, more or less) well I like having fun but large blank spaces to me seem bland
  3. thats what i was going for
  4. make a bubble box or shield box that creates a shield in front of you (just from where the box is)
  5. Hen7 said: How did you did it? Paint? yeah
  6. I would place one at my favorite store no more driving or one at school that way I get home faster and can sleep longer
  7. note: I didn't use any commands and I origanally closed all portals I jumped over the hole (left over to the right) to get the portal down there but missed so I jumped back over and got it to make this level harder you should extend the portal proof floor to the level 38 sign, so people actually have to go through the whole thing to complete this level
  8. you guys should make a create player command which creates a clone of your character that you can carry around (because it dosn't move itself) that could also open portals with the z and x (aims exactly like your player) and they only connect with each other
  9. Hen7 said: Oh yeah. cool but I still like mine better
  10. Tophillious said: zomg - "ZEUS OWNED MY GEODUDE." No, I have no idea what that means. no its a new form of omg= oh my god
  11. Ido said: Almost forgot - gotolevel 0 . That's the fun room.
  12. help commandlist showlist showcommand shows almost all commands