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  1. FAQ

    on a german keyboard layout you need too push "?" for console.
  2. hell no, did you even try? i did it yesterday just to see if i don't talk shit and did it 10 times in a row without getting killed by the turret ...
  3. gogo show your skills =) for me there are always the same spots/levels that i screw up but with a goal like a speed run it makes much more fun practicing^^
  4. your spamming is very very very annoying, i figured this would be the right thread to tell you ...
  5. to hard, mainly in the beginning and very luck based how many clouds spwan and the gap between enemys can get a bit to small sometimes... but hey who cares? good job!
  6. good find, great shortcut for (imho) the hardest part of the game. i guess there will be a portal proof wall in the next version
  7. 1. Does We Create Stuff come up fast enough? - as asked before, if you are talking about loading time, it's just fine! 2. Would you like to see a quick post option or any other addon around the forums? - a quick post option always supports the communication of a community so i would say yes. 3. Do you think it's necessary to change the forum skin anytime soon? - the forum style is just fine, very simple and comfortable for the eyes. 4. Do you think it's necessary to change the forum software itself anytime soon? - i do not know, it's just fine for me =) 5. Do you think the News/Announcements forum is enough for overall We Create Stuff news? - an announcement at your frontpage would help those people that surf arround and "accidently" find your site. 6. Do you think the front page of We Create Stuff website details enough about the projects? - no, there is nearly no info and if you think about adding more stuff, you will need a short description especially when more people will hit your site. 7. Do you think more moderators are required? - no not yet, if you feel like moderating the forum takes to much time, then you will need mods. 8. Does the ads above this post right now interrupt your experience in any way? - i had to scroll back to see if there were really ads xD (they fit in very well) 9. If you could change only one thing in We Create Stuff, what would it be? - a level editor or a suggestion section for new portal level's would be great. 10. Did you finish Portal: TFV? - HELL YEAH! and no cheats or console commands needed of course ot: i would like to see some restrictions for signature pics, too
  8. the sign to the right is probably a hint to buy "the ship" another great game that is completly underrated
  9. it's lvl 30 for those who care and it is entire possible without using the cube as a shield should be added here http://wecreatestuff...topic.php?t=119 ... lvl 30, when you are not allowed to use the cube as a shield. howto
  10. @Tophillious, wich tool did you use to record? @all, does anyone know a tool wich works like a stop watch? it sucks to look at my watch ?: found one http://www.freewaref...9_94_20830.html plz make this one sticky, making speedruns was the first thing that came to my mind while playing. it's made for speedruns =) lvl 01-10 : 1:42 lvl 11-20 : 2:12 (died 2 times) lvl 01-40 : 30:9.812 (some major screwups included :/) the next one witch camtasia
  11. Foamy said: Thats a necessity. Some levels you can't do it with out a box or turret shield. nah don't think so, the key is to be fast enough. never used a box to shield me on my first way though the game.
  12. pretty much the same glitch i guess... anyway, great game and thanks for your effort