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  1. Hey folks. What's new?
  2. ugh.. so many difficulties... PROJECT: abandoned
  3. I sorted out the sound problem, and there'll be sound from the game in the next part, which I'll probably do tonight. I was talking quietly because I didn't want to wake up my family :/ here's youtubeness
  4. Sorry about the poor quality. I fixed the issue. Pt. 2 will feature sounds from the game too So...I thought I'd finally give NH a chance and recorded my journey. I got a little scared and quit Pt 2 coming shortly tell me what u think
  5. Hello!
  6. @ OZPruductions: I needed time to reflect on why I'm here. During this time, I received visions from Buddha, and he explained to me the meaning of happiness. Unfortunately, he told me that if I told anyone, he'd have to kill me. @ elitehakor: The question haunts every fiber of my being. As for that surprise, here's part one
  7. Yeah, REMEMBER ME?! I never forget a pretty face You see guys, I've been in seclusion the past year, taming wild boars for the local preschool. What preschool kids would need with boars is beyond me, but it's a good gig, so I don't ask questions. In other news, I have a little surprise in store for yall It should be finished in a few days or so
  8. remember me?
  9. Hey guise. Long time no see. Just got the Dead Ringer a little while ago. Seems like it could be really useful in some situations, and completely useless in others. For example, a flame spamming pyro makes it pretty much worthless. I really just want the Huntsmen. It seems every sniper I see now has it except for me
  10. Happy Birthday. Mine's on the 18th
  11. Hen's sappin mah topics
  12. I punted a baby. I'm pretty sure that's illegal, right?
  13. You're still gonna love his nuts.
  14. You don't tell me what to do, hoe. jokes, jokes
  15. Hen7 said: Pretty sweet, not sure if old. You COCK Took her picture and it scared the FUCKING PISS out of me I need to blare Billy Joel with all the lights on now... fuck man..