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  1. 18: Yeah I did it I'm just here to tell you this: (i'll do the levels later) I did level 24 with FOUR portals! EAT THAT!!! kthxbye
  2. 18: I did it! Just a couple of tried and I did it BUT on the first page it says that you need to use FIVE portals.. is that a mistake? Because on the example you said before you used 6 portals, and I can't see how you can do it with five.. I'll put a V on 18 for now 24: Yay I did it too XD Very easy, again XDDD 31: Yay, I did it It was actually VERY, VERY easy, I just "over-thought" about it And no, this isn't a glitch as long as the turret doesn't die. if you HOLD a turret, it'll keep shooting, it won't shut down. (That's how it is in the real game, too). I didn't understand the un-glitched version. Can you explain exactly what am I supposed to do? now for the new/changed levels: 7: Lol, you didn't make it any harder at all, that's how I did it before (in the challenge) 16: Nice thinking, from 6 portals to 4 portals Did it 18: NO WAY! Just when I FINALLY completed it with 6 portals, you change it to 5?? 20: How is this even possible without a glitch? XD I'm seriously stuck here. 27: This one is very easy, but I'm having problems with putting the box on the left button. I can't reach it unless I open a portal, but then I have to use 5 portals. How can I put a box on the left button? :S 28: FOUR ?!?!?!?!! 34: I'll think about it later, best I can do is 8 portals. 36: I did it! NICE! 37: I hate this level so much XD I did it with NINE.
  3. norms29 - I know, lol XD It's very easy to do, I didn't say you needed to use a glitch in level 3... The "standing on a portal" IS a glitch, I didn't say you need to use it in level 3 (Yes, apperantly it's grayed, I have no idea why XD) Florrat: 6: I can't believe how stupid I was. Once you said I could do it above the 06 (after screaming a loud WTF), I opened the game, and it took me exactly 10 seconds. Amazing This is a VERY COOL SHORTCUT 18: I know what's my problem. "between the first and second beam you should place 1 portal". That one I have to figure. I have basicly 2 options: a)Shoot the portal on the FLOOR, but then I have to shoot another one on the ceiling to get to the second floor. b)shoot only one portal on the right wall, and jump from it to the second floor. The problem? When I do that, I can't come back in it, and I have to shoot another portal anyway! I know this is the solution, I just can't manage to do it XD 24: Skip the receiver? Haha! Again, I have 2 options: a)The first is more likely, use a bug like in 30, go thru a wall, WHICH I AM NOT GOING TO DO. =P b)The second option which could work after some thinking, is to hop in the area where the ball is flying, then when I'm high enough, shoot a portal in the exit. The problem? The ball kills me! XD 31: So far this is very smart, I'm just always ending up with 1 turret that I can't reach (either top right, or most left). The best way I can think of doing it right now, is stand on the box where I start, put a portal above the TOP RIGHT turret, land on it, take down 3 turrets with the top right turret, and then... The most left turret is still a problem XD Although I didn't use a glitch at all, so I guess there's some glitch I'm missing, that can help me I'm out for now, too tired to try all the other levels Cya Tomeron.
  4. 6: WOW! WHAT A HELPFUL HINT! *ahem* 18: I just don't get it.. there's a portal I do use 2 times (3 times if you count going TO it aswell, and from too), I just don't get it. Can you give me another clue? XD 24: The "shortcuts" I found were that you can put a portal inside the "reciever" box or whatever it's called, without actually going in (thru the little hole), and the other shortcut I found was that in the last part you can use 3 portals instead of 4 (shoot thru the small hole while you're falling). Did I miss anything? 30: If you need to go through a wall, you should remove it, since I won't call it a glitch even, it's basicly just cheating XD and I don't think you can do it on your own, as in, it happens sometimes, I don't think anyone find out EXACTLY how to do it. Did you? XD 35: Actually.... Obviously at the FIRST PLAY I didn't do it, because I didn't know the order of the button and stuff, but once I found out the order of the buttons, it was just VERY easy. It's actually one of the easiest, if not THE easiest level of the "high levels" You should update with more levels. BTW : when you put new levels, put them in bold or something, so I'll know which one I didn't do yet
  5. Hold on, THERE REALLY IS A COMMAND "Foamy"?!?!?!!? Holy crap. I hate you, Ido. XD
  6. Yeah I know, forget about what I said XD It's very easy to just skip the turret (I didn't TRY it before I posted, sorry for being dumb hehe)
  7. CRAP it happens to you too? I thought it was a problem with my computer, cuz suddently I couldn't play .wav and .wma at all in Windows Media Player, BUT if I played it on another player, such as Nero Showtime (XDDDD) it did work, so I figured it was a problem in my computer. Anyway, this is pretty old, and I've made a LOT of changes since the version posted here, so I'm going to post a new topic (also because Foamy spammed this topic to death XD), with the new version in .mp3 format (that does work hehe) Tomeron.
  8. Hm yeah, but it still shows a different prespective in completing the levels I'm missing only 4 levels XD HELP!
  9. Foamy - you can't. Florrat, thanks for helping on some levels I'll try them now
  10. Foamy said: It's like that in real portal. Actually it's not, I just checked it Ido, I'll ask Hen about it, because I doubt he got confused, he stated it pretty clear XD
  11. Turbine2k5 said: A couple of hints: 34: I see a lot of people running across the electric ground. Maybe you could put a portal on the other side and jump down to get across? Just a thought... 40: I don't know if this is creative thinking, or a bug. However, when you start the level, go directly to the bottom-left room. Hug the wall to your right and if you angle it correctly and time it just right (or click like crazy!), you can create a portal on the ground in the bottom-center room. The box can be useful to guard against the turret in the middle-left room and with it you can completely bypass the upper-right room! About level 40, it's a bug, I think they fixed it (I told Hen about it, I THINK)
  12. HUH?!?!?! No way. He clearly stated it's "rare, we never heard of it and it probably won't happen again". Here's our conversation in Messenger: (Yeah, it's hebrew, so? XD) 10/13/2007 9:05:47 PM Tomeron Hen אחד, מה שעכשיו אני שולח לך 10/13/2007 9:06:09 PM Tomeron Hen ועוד אחד, ש-TURRET קם לי לתחייה חח (הוא מת, היה על הרצפה, ואז נגעתי בו ופתאום הוא עמד והתחיל לראות עליי) 10/13/2007 9:06:13 PM Tomeron Hen (זה היה בשלב 37 ד"א) 10/13/2007 9:06:20 PM Transfer of "adv93.tmp.jpg" is complete. 10/13/2007 9:06:29 PM Hen Tomeron בטח לא יקרה שוב 10/13/2007 9:06:29 PM Hen Tomeron משהו נדיר 10/13/2007 9:06:29 PM Hen Tomeron כי לא שמענו על זה
  13. What.. how is the level 6 "not above the line" possible without the glitch? I'm gonna have to think hard on that XD And my post above says V on levels 16, 18 and 24, so I did them unless you changed it EDIT: Oh you updated them. K I'll try them again.
  14. Nope, not intentional, it's a glitch I'm gonna do more levels now, I guess
  15. Good job dude! You're getting close to me I'm going to edit the first post, make it into "Portal Highscores", and everyone who has a PROOF VIDEO of him playing certain levels would be in it! I guess that makes you first place Tophillious, lol, and I guess that means I'm gonna have to do a Speed Run, to kick you out of first place