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  1. Foamy said: It's called aids. i dont have aids:O i am just 13:O
  2. dpm said: OK, but HOW do i move the cubes???? i found at least 3 ways to take the upper cube but i can not move the lower two............ with F
  3. i woudl place 1 in the girl's dress room(A) and shoot 1 to mars and 1 on earth no expensive speceshuttle's
  4. Ido said: We have also added a portalproof command as some user requested here, to enable and disable all of the portal proof walls in the current level. why i arent in the credits:O:O i posted a full walktrough tread :@
  5. EJMH said: Dracula, how does the console commands thread prove they're going to make another one...? :/ i say if ytou wanne edit some you can use the fun room with the console commands
  6. EJMH said: I read it in a post somewhere so credit to whoever that was, I can't find it again sorry. A report spam button, I'm sure you could find volunteers to help with spam clean up if you don't want to do it yourselves. that was my idea:O but i think it's a good idea:P
  7. 1. Does We Create Stuff come up fast enough? (Note> we made some server changes 2 days ago, perhaps earlier problems were solved) yea it does:D 2. Would you like to see a quick post option or any other addon around the forums? nope it's good now 3. Do you think it's necessary to change the forum skin anytime soon? nope 4. Do you think it's necessary to change the forum software itself anytime soon? nope 5. Do you think the News/Announcements forum is enough for overall We Create Stuff news? yes 6. Do you think the front page of We Create Stuff website details enough about the projects? yes 7. Do you think more moderators are required? no(i did see that it's also counted on the frontpage) 8. Does the ads above this post right now interrupt your experience in any way? yes sometime it's a little anying 9. If you could change only one thing in We Create Stuff, what would it be? a level edior 10. Did you finish Portal: TFV? nope(with use of the console yes)
  8. EJMH said: Dracula seems just a tad slow. i am what? pop ups are bad
  9. fireshot91 said: ^^ says it all i just registered just for this lol i dont get what to do at all lol pls post in the sticky/my walktroughtread thenb youre sure to nby helped:)
  10. Foamy said: Each time? nope @ido thank you it's anyoing
  11. Foamy said: LOL spam0rz:O
  12. Foamy said: You may love it but it is one of the unspoken online no no's. did ya saw what i said I DIDNT SAW THE DATE
  13. dracula yea that was in the theme of my first mmorpg :")
  14. Foamy said: I was thinking about this earlier. The Admins are doing alright and it's still a small forum. So I don't think we need any mods. And no offense but Dracula would be a bad mod. Me and Squid could. I am a mod on several sites and very active on the internet. why i would by a bad mod???? omfg i am mod on a few site i have been admin also i never had a ban my only problem is that i have adhd
  15. wtf? i got tons of pop ups from that page omg