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  1. I'm trying to play the game on a rather old computer, that only manages about 7 FPS even with the quality turned way down. The gameplay was quite acceptable to me even at that slow of a rate, at least until level 22 - there appears to be only one possible solution to that level, but the energy ball always exploded well before it reached its goal. I noticed that it didn't always explode at exactly the same point: I found that if I moved the cursor around constantly while jumping up and down, thus lowering my FPS a bit, it would explode even earlier. I did finally manage to complete level 22, without changing my portal setup at all - I just shrank the window down, much smaller than the game, and scrolled to the lower right corner (where no animations were taking place). That got me enough extra FPS for the ball to reach the goal. Of course, all that accomplished was getting me to level 23, where the same problem occurs (and can't be worked around in the same way, since I need to see to move the portals). Something's very wrong here - the point at which the ball explodes ought to be specified entirely in terms of game world distance, the FPS shouldn't enter into it.