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  1. I think we need a glitch thread. Because we have like 50 "Level __ glitch?" threads.
  2. I'm 14 myself. How about you guys?
  3. What happens in the real portal game when you shoot just one portal?
  4. off topic for the win!
  5. Is it out yet? *bump*
  6. Happy birthday, ice cold killa.
  7. I'm so tired. And hung over. Not that I drink underage... >.> Guitar Hero new years party was 1337ness.
  8. -1 awesome point for j00! >.>
  9. It's on his account though. I'm the one in white.
  10. +100 awesome for mah.
  11. http://www.freerider...e/Free+Rider+SE And heres a track I made. -47,3s,-e2,3u -al,-27,-au,-6 -au,-6,-aq,1c -7k,-27,-al,-27 -90,-1s,-ao,-1r -9o,-1e,-9o,-1n -9o,-1n,-9g,-1n -9g,-1n,-9g,-1g -9f,-1h,-9q,-1j -9q,-1j,-9l,-1i -ar,-10,-90,-v -9k,-11,-9k,-1c -9k,-1c,-a2,-13 -9m,-1c,-9a,-1a -aq,1c,-7h,1b -ak,-2,-al,k -al,k,-aa,k -aa,7,-aj,8 -ac,6,-ac,k -9g,-1,-9g,i -9g,i,-91,i -90,-v,-90,-1s -8f,-6,-8f,i -91,i,-91,8 -91,8,-9g,9 -8f,i,-7t,i -7t,i,-7v,8 -7v,8,-8f,9 -6f,1j,-6g,-2m -6g,-2m,1l,-2k 1i,-2d,-6b,-2d -6b,-2d,-6b,1a -7k,q,-7k,-27 -6f,q,-7i-47,3s,-e2,3u -al,-27,-au,-6 -au,-6,-aq,1c -7k,-27,-al,-27 -90,-1s,-ao,-1r -9o,-1e,-9o,-1n -9o,-1n,-9g,-1n -9g,-1n,-9g,-1g -9f,-1h,-9q,-1j -9q,-1j,-9l,-1i -ar,-10,-90,-v -9k,-11,-9k,-1c -9k,-1c,-a2,-13 -9m,-1c,-9a,-1a -aq,1c,-7h,1b -ak,-2,-al,k -al,k,-aa,k -aa,7,-aj,8 -ac,6,-ac,k -9g,-1,-9g,i -9g,i,-91,i -90,-v,-90,-1s -8f,-6,-8f,i -91,i,-91,8 -91,8,-9g,9 -8f,i,-7t,i -7t,i,-7v,8 -7v,8,-8f,9 -6f,1j,-6g,-2m -6g,-2m,1l,-2k 1i,-2d,-6b,-2d -6b,-2d,-6b,1a -7k,q,-7k,-27 -6f,q,-7i,q -7i,q,-7i,1f -7i,1f,-6g,1f 1h,1a,-6a,19 -1j,1i,-6f,1j -1v,3u,-47,3s 6d,44,-1v,3u -1i,1i,1i,1i 1f,1i,1o,1g 1u,1d,1h,1c 1i,-2k,1i,-2d 1i,1b,1i,1i 1l,1g,6f,44 6i,3u,1u,1d 5s,3u,4e,39 57,3v,47,54 5v,46,4s,3t 67,46,5h,4h 6c,46,5r,4m 68,43,4r,3k 5j,49,4q,4d 5k,4a,50,4q 6i,48,63,53 6a,49,60,4o 6f,44,6i,3u 6e,44,fv,47 fv,47,nm,47 nm,47,pb,2g pg,2j,o9,3r o9,3r,o9,47 o9,47,op,4c op,4c,p4,47 nk,57,nk,5s nk,5s,o4,5s o4,5s,o2,58 o2,58,ni,58 ob,57,oa,5q oa,53,om,59 oa,5g,oo,5g oc,5o,on,5o pb,2g,pg,2j pa,2g,pv,1n pv,1n,pg,2k pp,3n,q7,2l q7,2l,ql,38 q2,2h,q5,1n p4,47,pf,4g pf,4g,ps,46 ps,46,q4,4f q4,4f,qc,45 qc,45,qm,4f p9,4a,po,3m po,3m,q0,49 p1,5q,p1,5a p1,5a,p5,5e p5,5e,pc,56 pc,56,pc,5o pl,56,pl,5n pl,5n,q3,5h pn,56,q3,54 q3,54,q3,5f qu,4f,rm,30 rm,30,rg,2l rg,2l,ql,49 q7,2l,qk,2d qk,2d,qe,21 qb,2e,qj,26 qm,4f,qu,4f qv,4d,15f,4e qk,56,ql,5o qk,59,qs,5k qs,5k,qu,52 15c,4g,18o,21 19g,-4q,19e,-70 19e,-70,1c4,-71 19f,-4s,19g,-21 19g,-21,1gd,-1q 19o,54,19m,1g 19p,1f,19r,52 19k,1h,19q,1g 19q,1g,1bv,1f 19r,52,19k,53 1af,-64,1af,-4s 1af,-4s,1c4,-4s 1c4,-65,1af,-64 1b8,-64,1b8,-4r 1ae,-5g,1c4,-5g 1af,-3n,1c6,-3n 1af,-2i,1af,-3n 1b7,-3l,1b9,-2k 1c5,-2i,1af,-2i 1ag,-33,1c8,-32 1c4,-71,1gc,-70 1c4,-4s,1c4,-65 1ds,-53,1d7,-51 1d7,-51,1dk,-66 1c6,-3n,1c5,-2i 1d9,-2n,1fs,-2m 1bs,1d,1gn,1d 1dh,-65,1e4,-63 1e4,-63,1e7,-5r 1e7,-5r,1ek,-64 1ek,-64,1et,-5u 1et,-5u,1ek,-5e 1ek,-5e,1f3,-58 1et,-4u,1dv,-4v 1dv,-4v,1e5,-5g 1fs,-3t,1db,-3s 1db,-3s,1db,-2m 1em,-3q,1en,-2t 1dc,-3f,1ft,-3e 1ej,-3p,1ej,-41 1eo,-30,1eo,-2m 1g8,-71,1kt,-70 1f3,-58,1et,-4u 1fs,-2m,1fs,-3t 1ga,-1r,1i0,-1k 1ge,1f,1kq,1d 1i0,-1k,1i8,-24 1i8,-24,1i8,-1t 1ib,-1t,1il,-23 1il,-23,1ip,-1s 1ip,-1s,1j2,-2c 1j2,-2c,1jd,-1q 1jd,-1q,1kr,-1p 1kp,-70,1qr,-74 1kp,-1q,1pu,-8 1kq,1e,1pm,3n 1pm,3n,1tn,7d 1qr,-74,222,-76 1pr,-8,206,4c 1tl,7a,1vi,98 1vi,98,228,e5 206,4c,22k,7e 222,-76,2b7,-7a 22l,7d,24p,ch 226,e6,25f,hb 24p,ch,272,ep 25d,ha,2c6,k2 274,em,2cd,f5 2cd,f5,2g0,ct 2c6,k2,2h6,k6 2g0,ct,2lh,7i 2h1,k5,2od,k6 2lh,7i,2m8,6s 2o8,ds,2o8,ev 2pf,dk,2o8,dr 2o8,ev,2pf,ev 2ov,fj,2ov,gq 2ov,g6,2pi,g5 2od,k6,31s,ke 2pf,ev,2pf,dk 2pu,f0,2q1,do 2q1,do,2q8,e9 2q8,e9,2qj,dj 2qj,dj,2qj,eq 2pg,fm,2pi,gf 2ps,fn,2ps,gd 2pt,fm,2qi,fp 2pt,g6,2qh,g8 2pt,fu,2qg,g0 2qv,dq,2qv,ek 2r2,dp,2rf,du 2s3,dv,2rk,eh 2s1,dv,2se,dm 2r0,e7,2ri,e5 2rk,eh,2sl,el 2ri,fj,2ri,g7 2r5,fm,2r4,gb 2sl,el,2sl,e7 2sl,e7,2sa,e7 31p,ke,344,kb 344,kb,3b7,kb 3b5,kb,3f0,j2 3od,q0,3oc,na 3q9,q3,3od,q2 3qa,q6,40n,q7 3qb,q7,3q4,q2 3qd,qr,3qd,rv 3q1,qr,3qs,qs 3r7,r1,3r5,ru 3r9,r6,3rj,r6 3r8,rj,3ri,rm 3r5,ro,3rj,rt 3r3,sm,3r3,ti 3r3,ti,3ru,th 3r4,sn,3rr,so 3s0,r3,3s0,rv 3s2,rj,3sh,rh 3sg,r3,3sh,s2 3sd,sr,3sd,th 3se,sv,3t1,su 3sf,t9,3ss,t9 3se,tc,3ss,tc 3t3,r5,3t4,ru 3t4,r7,3tm,r5 3tm,r5,3t1,rq 3to,r7,3to,rp 3tr,ra,3u9,ra 3tp,rh,3u8,ri 3to,rn,3u7,rr 3t9,sv,3t9,tn 3t9,sv,3tt,t0 3tt,t0,3tr,ta 3tr,ta,3ta,ta 3ta,ta,3tn,tm 3u5,t2,3u7,tl 3u6,t4,3uk,t4 3uk,ra,3uk,s0 3uk,s0,3v6,ra 3vh,ra,3vg,rr 3vb,rb,3vt,rb 3v5,ro,3vr,rq 3u5,tk,3uv,tk 3u5,t7,3v5,tc 3vc,sr,3vi,tt 40n,q7,42h,q9 40c,r6,40c,s2 41g,r3,412,r7 412,r7,419,rm 419,rm,40m,rv 42h,q9,42q,n3 #-62,10 3d2,jb 3el,ij 3du,ir 3on,oj 3ol,pr 3on,p8 3sn,pt 3ue,pu 42a,ov 428,q0 42a,pg
  12. Different color would be good. Like always blue or something.
  13. Also know as super expensive animating tool.
  14. Pictures You Heathen!~
  15. Your the only one who cares.
  16. LOL, nice.
  17. Balloon is fun, but only when your role-play murdering it. I did a level on the uni!!!
  18. Gravity is so fun. The uni and balloon suck.
  19. There fine.
  20. I have that gif in my pics somewhere.
  21. It...s....out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FR2 TRACK I am TEH Earth. 16 1f 25 1n 35 2f 3u 3g 4p 4p 5b 5u 53 7b 4h 8f 3i 9c 28 aa 14 as -7 a8 -1a 9f -2a 8g -33 7b -3l 6a -3m 52 -3d 42 -2d 3c -1g 2q -k 2a a 1u 13 1n,v 1l 1g 1g##T 47 2u,T 5k 5v,T 5b 56,T 58 7f,T 4a 9d,T 2q aj,T 1t bh,T s ar,T -3 ao,T -14 a1,T -1r 9l,T -2f 91,T -2u 8k,T -3c 7k,T -3u 6p,T -48 5v,T -45 4j,T -4f 54,T -3p 3l,T -33 31,T -2f 2h,T -1o 22,T 2o 1a,T 1i 12,T b 19,T -q 1k,T 3p a7,T 4m 8q,T 5i 6o,T 51 3s,T 3k 20,G -19 q 4f,G 3 -1 4q,G 70 4s 8a,G -4r 5s 2p,G 4q 1o 73,G 2e b 69,G -f j 4s,G -1q 1q 4j,G -2m 2a 4g,G -3j 35 3v,G -4n 4n 3l,G -4f 79 25,G -3a 8m 20,G -2q 9q 2f,G -i av 9,G 14 bj 8,G 2k bb ac,G 3k al aj,G 4u 9a 9l,G 66 5s 8b,G 5j 7t 96,G 6l 6t 8h,G 51 2t 7f,G 69 45 7p,G 3s 12 75,G 12 -1 5k
  22. That in 2-D would be like...really hard to do.
  23. The Witcher Did'nt look interesting enough to even look at. Hellgate: London Bad reviews, randomly genarated levels, not Diablo 3. Call of Duty 4 Nothing bad to really say about it. Gears of War The PC version is plagued with errors and other flaws, not good eough now that Halo 3 came out. Blacksite: Area 51 Mediocre rental game. Unreal Tournament 3 You can get your shooter needs elsewhere. Assassin's Creed Twist sucks, to much bad stuff that the good stuff is overlooked. Crysis Constant system tweaking sucks ass...with a straw.
  24. I <4 CTL ALT DEL.