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  1. You gots my vote. That tower defense game is great though. Thank god i was able to vote for both (in seperate catagories:P).
  2. Hen7 said: Are you guys retarded? darko said: nope. NeatNit said: Yup. Good answers!
  3. How would that get you in trouble?
  4. well i would put a portal in the floor and on the roof directly above and jump through the bottom one. Number one way to kill yourself.
  5. lol indeed, thats quite good.
  6. What you just said made absolutely no sense.
  7. Noticed a bug, if you run and jump at the sign above the door you enter through you go through the wall and fall to your death. Its already been reported and all, so go do it now while you still have the chance. Im pretty sure it works on every level. Ps nice game you guys made.