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  1. Yeah I found this out after making the thread. I did end up finishing it however the ending took forever to do because it takes a long time to stack wooden boxes while getting raped by a giant robot thing.
  2. It's cool that Ido/Hen made a mappack, however it's so damn frustrating I can't even finish the whole thing. There are walls that look like portals could be placed on them but cannot, and some things are much harder than they should be. I have no problem with a challenge, but the challenge should be figuring out how to do something, not actually executing it. But, thanks for the enjoyment I did get out of it. There were things in it that were done pretty well. (Such as the elevator where you have to use the companion cube to shield yourself)
  3. Why does it matter? this forum is dead anyway.
  4. There is already a game like this. It's called Minions, and it's on
  5. If you go to level 33, stand under the ball receiver, and type create ball in the console, the new ball will hit the receiver, and the old one will stop moving. Then you can touch the frozen one and it won't hurt you. then if you let the turrent kill you, the ball is still frozen, and only moves when the turrent shoots.
  6. For those of you who don't know what hypercube is, it's another mod for halfife 2 base d off of some movie, check out the video near the bottom of the page at Hypercube is a big puzzle game just like portal, I don't think it'd be too hard to make using portal's engine. It could be a lot of fun too. Thoughts?
  7. I found a site where you get eggs, hatch them, and try to get them to grow up by getting people to click them. Mine have hatched, but only have about 3 days until they die. They will live if they grow up by then but I need your help. Sooty Zurp Stace Blizz Please click them, they only have under 3 days left.
  8. I wanted to report that Xgen studios is claiming they made portal the flash version. Go to their site and see for yourself.
  9. I'd put two portals next to each other and put tons of wads of paper in one.
  10. The glitch in level 1 I encountered in my first attempt. I thought he died because of a long fall.
  11. Ferrett said: such as making the entire area around the box a no-portal wall, then people would probably get the idea. That wouldn't do much. As you can also move the box by simply walking into it.
  12. I think it is supposed to do that.
  13. How could you make the peace tower without lagging terribley...
  14. What benefits from the companion box?