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  1. magic moutai said: you guys need to make levels 30+ a little easier. there so f*****g hard. make them a little more easier Of course not, they're fun! it can't keep easy forever
  2. Nice found! I've changed it in my first post ;-) EDIT: I added a pretty easy challenge at level 25...
  3. 18: Lol, when you said I changed level 18 to 5 portals I was first thinking I made a mistake, and you needed indeed 6 portals, but it's possible to do it, because the portal-proof wall at the right side of the highest beam blue beam isn't as portal proof as it looks... 24: Very easy? It's one of the hardest challenges : 31: Ok, then it's not a glitch... But the turret only shoots for a short time if you direct it too high or too low, and then turns of, and then it'll turn on when you direct it exactly to the right (or left). That's why I thought this was the bug too... 31 (no glitch): You have to trow all portals in the huge pit under the level, but it's not allowed that they shoot before they fall down. So you have to treat them carefully, before you push them in the pit... And you're not allowed to use the block again. It's not allowed too that you trow a turret from one platform to another, for example the top-right turret to the platform where the bottom-right turret begins. I hope you understand it now 7: Ok, but I didn't, I was doing it another way, first. 16: Thanks 18: See above. 20: I think I was mistaken here... I think I just forgot to make the challenge gray... Sorry 27: So then it's not very easy And indeed, you have to open one more portal in the end to place one of the blocks on the left button. If you can do that on the right side, it's possible with three portals So, I have changed the challenges, because I did it (although indeed, if you place the block exactly in the middle, it'll instantly move to the right button). I've also added a glitched version where you only need to use two portals (and it's just the normal stand-on-a-wall-portal-glitch) 28: Yes, four, without glitches 34: okay, eight isn't that hard indeed... 36: Thanks 37: Yeah, I can understand that... To be honest, I have never completed that level anyway... The first time I completed it because I moved through a wall, and the second time (when I was making this challenge) I died in the electric field when all blocks and portals were in place... Tip: You can complete the first part, where you have to place the ball in his receiver with three portals...
  4. I think you should change the link to WeCreateStuff in the profile...
  5. @norms29: Oops, I was thinking way too hard, this is indeed much easier. Thanks for telling, I have changed it @Tomeron: 6: I already thought you would find him now, but with the line a little higher it's more fun because you try other things 18: Yes, I already thought that was your problem. And indeed that ( is the solution too! Now complete it 24: And again, is the right answer... (I have deleted the level 30 glitch challenge). If you're close enough to the wall you won't be hit... 31: So you're trying the glitch-version... I don't know exactly what you mean with "take down 3 turrets with the top right turret". If you mean that you pick up the turret and shoot the others with it, you're already using the glitch (at least, I think you need to "revive" it a few times, and that was a bug, wasn't it? You said it was in the Reborn-turret-topic, because Hen did say it to you, but Ido says it's not a bug...) Can you use that trick in another way, shoot the top-right turret? So the open challenges for you are: 31, 20, 27, 28, 34, 36 and 37; and I made 7, 16 and 18 harder. (At least, if you mention all new tried challenges in your newest post)
  6. NFLFan said: How do you get the cubes and turrets in level 0? Mine is blank. Use console commands: createbox createturret createball
  7. 6: I didn't gave the hint yet... I ment I could give it: so here it is: even if you lower the line so that it goes through the "06", the challenge is still possible 18: Between the [*:1gc9vxqz]Start and the first beam you should place 1 portal[*:1gc9vxqz]First beam and second beam you should place 1 portal [*:1gc9vxqz]Second beam and third beam you should place 2 portals [*:1gc9vxqz]Third beam and fourth (first blue) beam you should place 1 portal [*:1gc9vxqz]Fourth beam and the end you should place 1 portal 24: Owh, you found these! the first I did in my first try too (I guess, but at least in my second try I knew it was possible that was)... The second shortcut is indeed useful, but there's a much bigger shortcut. I give you a clue: If you want to put the energy ball in his receiver, you need to use at least 4 portals. Is it possible to complete the level then with one more portal? Yes: Do it. No: Then complete the level without putting the energy ball in his receiver 30: Yes, I know what to do, put a portal anywhere, and then jump a few times in it, and hope for the best : Alright I don't know how to do it exactly, but if I try it three or four times, one time it works... 35: Yeah, it wasn't hard indeed... I shouldn't put the frustration-sign in that room... 32 or something should be much better When I add new levels I mention it in my newest post. This time I added two challenges in level 31. Enjoy EDIT: I made lvl 7, 16 and 18 little harder, and I added a challenge on lvl 20, 27 and 28. EDIT 2: There's a challenge of lvl 34, 36 and 37
  8. 6: Need help? I can make it even harder, but then it'll be easier to see how you have to do it 8: I know what you mean, but I've completed that level too even after that certain part (with the version of armorgames). Congrats, this was a very hard one 18: Isn't there really any portal which you might use again? No? Look again 24: Yes, you now need to use a real shortcut I think that you found another shortcut that I did, which one did you find? If you need help: on which places you have to place a portal? If you found more than five places, you have to think of another way... Without glitching this one is indeed easy 29: I'll look if I can do what you mean... Yeah, you're right, but if you want to complete it with just 4 portals you have to jump in front of the turret, but he won't shoot at you then... I'll change it, nice found. (My idea was that you stood at a portal on the wall just left (beneath) the switch) 30: This one is really nasty, don't worry if you can't complete this one, because you have to go through a wall Maybe I should remove this one... But I know how to do it... 35: I bet you didn't when you saw this level for the first time EDIT: I added two challenges on level 31
  9. Foamy said: Can't you beat it unglitched? The challenges in black text can you complete without using any glitch. For the challenges in gray text you need to use a glitch, usually the glitch which I explained above
  10. norms29 said: just FYI level three challenge dosen't require a glitch, it isn't even hard. ps: what is the glitch for level 5 The glitch you have to use in almost every gray challenge is that if you shoot a portal on the wall, you can stand just in front of it the portal, on the yellow or blue beam. According to Tomeron, that's a glitch... You have to use it in level 5, and I'm quite sure in level 3 too... EDIT: Level 8 is possible on the version of WCS too.
  11. Let's be original, 16 (almost 17)
  12. 6: nice, finally you are confused It's not that hard... Look around 8: It's indeed very hard to do it, maybe it's the hardest challenge... I'm not even sure if it's possible in the newest version of the portal game... It's possible on the version of armorgames... but I can't make it on the version of we create stuff... (EDIT: It's possible on this version) 9: Hehe, nice found! I've changed in in my first post... It isn't that hard if you know that it's possible 18: Hehe, it's hard... If you need help, post a acreenshot where you mark the spots you make a portal, I'll say which one you don't need 19: This one isn't that hard, you have to use the same trick again as in other levels (and don't forget, the text is gray, so you're allowed to use a glitch : 24: It's possible, I got the idea from you, because you said you needed to use a shortcut... With 8 portals it's possible without any shortcut or glitch. But, I was thinking a little harder, and it's not even possible with 8 or 7 portals, not even with 6 portals. But with five portals (you indeed need to take a shortcut) EDIT: @EJMH: Thanks! If you have tried some of them, please tell And I've added a few more challenges on level 29, 30 and 35.
  13. Both level 6 challenges are possible without using "the glitch" And have you completed the "hard" versions of level 16, 18 and 24 too?
  14. Yeah, ok... but does everything has to be the same as in this version? Or is it a glitch too that this version is 2D instead of 3D I thought that was done intentional... EDIT: In level 1 and 2 there is just 1 challenge! So in level 1 you have to shoot in the blue box AND you're not allowed to shoot more than two portals... EDIT 2: I've again added a lot of challenges I've made the level 16, 18 and 24 harder, you can complete them with one portal less I've added challenges on level: 6 (2x), 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14 and 19.
  15. Thanks you enjoyed... Hopefully you now understand that I was stuck on level 15 a very long time (I tried it this way, but indeed, it's very hard to execute)... And indeed. Level 5 and 14 (and some others) are nearly impossible, but they are possible, really, without making use of glitches... (Or maybe I'm using a glitch without knowing... but of you shoot a portal on the wall, you can stand just in front of it (not standing on the ground), but I don't think that's a glitch...) Which glitch did you use? EDIT: I've added a few tasks, in level 1, 2 and 3...