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  1. Nicknam4 said: That wouldn't do much. As you can also move the box by simply walking into it. Then place it in the corner. Up against the wall you cannot get to it other than grabbing it.
  2. Mostly because you can complete level 25 without actually using the lift function. As I mentioned in the post above, I got all the way to 38 before I figured it out. If level 25 was unbeatable without actually picking the box up and carrying it, such as making the entire area around the box a no-portal wall, then people would probably get the idea. People are going to take the path of least resistance, usually meaning doing more work than is necessary because its easier than actually doing what should be done. Sometimes you just have to grab that dog by the scruff of the neck and rub his face in it to make the lesson stick. But thats just my thinking...
  3. Well... I sit corrected... Guess I should have RTFM...
  4. Err.. button... thats what I meant... really... You guys need to add a "pick-up" part to the instructional section. I got all the way to level 38 before I realized you could PICK UP THE D*** BOXES!!! Far more frustrating than the "May Cause Frustration" level... Just my thoughts.