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  1. Tophillious said: The signs are there even before you take that cake, but im more interested in the large background sign. The background sign is the logo of Aperture Science Labs - I know because of the videos of the "real" Portal. EJMH said: Ratio said: Call me crazy, but I think that's "A" That would make sense. "It is a delicious cake...you must eat it!" Oh yeah! But it doesn't fit the look of the rest of the sign...
  2. I just finished this game - I can safely say that it is the BEST flash game I have ever played! But anyway, on the last level where you get cake I noticed a few things. Red/Orange: There is a gray, mirrored "6" between "is" and "delicious" on the sign. Why is it there? Blue: There is a boat on the sign. Is there any specific reason for this, or is it just meant to symbolise that it's the exit?