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  1. I've tried to illustrate with two screenshots the problem I was having with level 38 today. I'm running into a weird issue where blocks dropped into portals will land in random, seemingly unrelated places. However, when I myself jump through the portals, I wind up in the expected place (i.e. through the other portal.) For the first screenshot, I was trying to drop a block through the yellow portal , out of the blue, so it would land on the top level. Instead, it landed a floor below the yellow portal. For the second one I was, if anything, MORE confused. I was trying to drop blocks in the path of the turret on the left. I dropped one through the yellow portal again, and it landed in the room below the yellow portal, on the far left corner, UNDER the blue barrier. Very weird. The second one, by the way, kept reproducing itself. I tried half a dozen position adjustments for the yellow and blue portals, and the block kept landing in entirely unforseen places.