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  1. citricsquid said: maybe if you were to improve your grammar and spelling theni'm sure they'd consider you I'd vote for you ;D First of all, since we're talking about grammar, you did not capitalize "Maybe" at the begining of your sentance, nor did you properly punctuate. Second, poor grammar does not constitue spam. Just type "define spam" into google. I define spam as unsolicited promotional messages of any kind from complete strangers. In short, for something to be spam, there must be a sales pitch.
  2. FAQ

    ...oh, and what are the video RAM requirements? I'm getting 10 fps on a good day.
  3. FAQ

    I cannot open the console. My keyboard is US English. Another big difference... I'm running it on a Mac, but that shouldn't matter, should it?
  4. disregard my last request. Watching the video walk through, I figured out it's the performance of my computer at fault. My little dude just can't run across fast enough. I'm not sure why I get such a slow frame rate though.
  5. Regarding the level 37 walktrough... yoyie said: here is a walkthrouh for lvl 37 ... 371new.jpg ... 372new.jpg ... 373new.jpg ... 374new.jpg ... 375new.jpg ... 376new.jpg i didnt post all the pictures, as it are 6, so i just posted the links That's wonderful, but how do you get through the electric field at the end FAST ENOUGH? It seems impossible. (That's step 5.)
  6. I'm am the third person to express difficulty with level 36. Anyone? help?
  7. Cool. I've noticed it in many subsequent levels. Frustrated, I went into the source, found the link to the swf, and loaded it into the browser.
  8. There's a glitch in the design of the site that is rather frustrating. There is a link that floats behind the swf file, and if you click that area, you go to that page and the game is lost. It's especially a problem in level nine, where the portal target area overlaps the link area. It could be because I'm on a Mac and the site was not tested with that configuration. Still, I'm using the latest Firefox build. So who knows.