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  1. amazing, no?
  2. I am hooked on playing cod4 (360) online valuedfern is my gamertag if anyone wants to play
  3. while most of this guy's stuff isn't that funny, this stuff is
  4. I wouldn't have known that some had posted about it here if emjh hadn't pm'ed me on newgrounds haha
  5. yo tengo un pene largo
  6. great lawl of china
  7. I worked on a sequel during the summer. I got to the point where there was only one thing left to program, the boss. It would only take me a few hours to finish, and i already have a sponsor lined up. Yet it's been probably 3 months now, and i still haven't touched the file. That's procrastination for ya.
  8. http://www.newground...tal/view/340795 This was the first game i created, over a year ago. Kind of weird looking back on it. I sucked But hey, at least i finished it, unlike all the games i start these days.
  9. nearly 17
  10. The cake is a lie