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  1. Multiple uses (will continue to be edited as I think of them ): Thievery (A) in your basement (or any safe hiding place), ( inside a bank safe/storeroom/classroom/game dev's room/bedroom/...you get the idea! Transportalation Of course, (A) at home, ( wherever you wanna go. For me it's work (no more walking!), my roomie's job, and the store. I mean c'mon! ASHPD = end to gas dependency! A Job Aside from probably needing a top-notch security system and constant run from the government (if we don't count this), you could make some serious money from this thing! You could, quite possibly, put UPS and FedEx out of business, just by charging cheaper prices to get things there NOW! Or do a mover's service. I know everyone hates lugging that freaking couch out the door (when the darn thing doesn't wanna go through!), so now instead of hurting yourself, you could drop (A) under the couch, and ( in the other house! No strain! How about a taxi/bus/airplane service? Hate heights? Get from New York to Tokyo in less than 5 seconds! Leisure You can get into your favorite sports games with this thing! Don't miss that Backstreet Losers and N'Trash concert! With this you could play a game of tennis or ping pong against yourself! How 'bout not having to run after that basketball when it decides to bounce across the street? Do anything with your portals! Even stay in the Bahamas indefinitely! Spying As has already been mentioned, you can see a lot of things you wouldn't be able to w/o these portals. Who wants to see in the shower?! No more use for Skinamax! Justice/Revenge Wanna be a real hero? (A) goes to an empty jail cell and ( goes under the evildoer! Portal Man ports in again to save the day! Or maybe your tired of the one who's starting gossip about everyone? Send them on a nice vacation...to the South Pole! Again, I'm gonna edit this when I get more ideas...but as you can tell, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!!
  2. A couple of hints: 34: I see a lot of people running across the electric ground. Maybe you could put a portal on the other side and jump down to get across? Just a thought... 40: I don't know if this is creative thinking, or a bug. However, when you start the level, go directly to the bottom-left room. Hug the wall to your right and if you angle it correctly and time it just right (or click like crazy!), you can create a portal on the ground in the bottom-center room. The box can be useful to guard against the turret in the middle-left room and with it you can completely bypass the upper-right room!