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  1. At work said: Doregushin said: America is a free country. CJ said: Not it's not. If it was, it would be in a state of total chaos. Dalton said: Yeah, they would all be fighting. Jacob said: They'd all be fighting for their lives. Doregushin said: Jacob, you'd be fighting your way through McDonalds.
  2. If they're on rent, ask the landlord to evict them.
  3. elitehakor said: cool, and for new members that haven't bumped: *clears throat* Welcome to our forums! heres some quick info about us: Me: TEH HAKZOR NeatNit: the random Hen7 and Ido: Admins Ethan: Mod people with GAY under their names: bots TheNoiseExplosion: TEHNOIZEEXPLODING The only person with BANNED under their name: not actually banned Patacorow: TEH KINGS OF TEH PIEZ ROFLMAO hexpunK=failz FullMetalBoy: Rick Astley OZPruduction: a guy on parole Hannibal0: The Chosen One FoXoF: NH2 coder Thats about it. And remember to read the rules ;_;
  4. TheNoiseExplosion said: how about Dorshequin? fucking lol
  5. I like phpbb3. I know it's admin panel like the back of my hand.
  6. Hen is hot.
  7. k.
  8. elitehakor said: Doregushin said: I used to have one of those. Those were fun. How many avvie changes will you go through? IT'S CALLED TESTING AVATARS HOMIE.
  9. I used to have one of those. Those were fun.
  10. Hen7 said: From the toy box. ... You're kidding.
  11. I lol'd.
  12. Custom Rank: The Jackass GO.
  13. Coming Soon. Features: High Definition Seat fidgeting Incredible free roaming action, manouver 10 feet away from your waiting chair! Explore the endless wait Coughing and seat creaking for surround sound use Downloadable content including: Wristwatch check ability, shoelace re-tying and maybe some more stuff
  14. ... The fuck?