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  1. Freaky but true, yeh
  2. Check out mine ^^ they start shooting when i close my window, and when i keep it open, they dont shoot O.o sneaky bastards!
  3. Ido said: Some info about why it happens - type in console "showportalhitbox", "showportalbox" and "showmapbox". As you can see, it's in the base of the portaling system, and any way to cease it will create new bugs, trust me. Also, you can pretty much do it in any map if you have enough space. But still, thank you for reporting No problem ^^ (yeh i knew it was something about the portals "teleport box" thing ^^ i do a lil flash myself, though i find games hard to make...)
  4. tut on howto
  5. Ive just killed myself in Lvl 0 without using a turret or ball XD I made an endless loop in the corner, (wall to ground) and then when i was in it, i walked to the left (loop was in the right) then i died by falling next to it X3