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  1. Foamy said: Mario cart style? Meh.Well kinda like a cross between Mario Kart and a mini-game called Motor Kombat from Mortal Kombat Armageddon. Basically its a racing game, but the players can utilize special abilities/powers to take out one another and win.
  2. Though still in the concept stage, I wish to make this a reality. Of course I'll need coders, programmers, and animators (as my only good ability is writing) to make it though. Anyways for a run-through. What will Half-life 2 Racing be? It's just as it sounds. A racing game. Players will utilize special vehicles, with unique abilities in a Mario Kart/Motor Kombat (from Mortal Kombat Armageddon) esque way. So it'll be like Mario Kart? how? Players will race, and can acquire upgrades (granted by Power Generators), which will boost or grant them abilities. However unlike Mario Kart, users will not have a wide variety of weapons, but instead two abilities (one normal, one "Fully Charged") with them. How'll it look? I wish to make a chibi-like game, similar to Mario Kart. All racers are the same size, in a cartoonish, chibi way. Doing this will create a fun visual for users. What about maps? All the maps will be levels from half-life 2, but revised into a track. Tracks will features enemies, traps, and much more. Who can I play as? The racers will be split apart into three teams: Rebels, Combine, and Misc. Rebels: -Gordon Freeman -Alyx Vance -Barney Calhoun -Dr. Magnusson -Father Grigori -Father Grigori (different vehicle) -Resistance Member #1 -Resistance member #2 -Resistance member #3 -Resistance member #4 -Resistance Medic -Vortigaunt Combine: -Advisor -Dr. Breen -Civil Protection -Combine Elite #1 -Combine Elite #2 -Combine Elite Sniper Nova Prospekt Guard -Overwatch Elite #1 Overwatch Elite #2 Zombie Carrier Stalker Misc: -Chell -Antlion -Team Fortress 2 classes (heavy, Medic, etc.) What about vehicles? Vehicles were differate dependingon who you choose. Some will have the classic enemies and vehicles, such as the Strider or Dune Buggy, while others will have new or modified vehicles, such as the Overwatch Elite #2's AR-2 Pulse Rifle APC (Attack Personal Carrier), or Gordon Freeman's Zero-point Energy Field Manipulator Dune Buggy, and others will ride on their own allies, such as Alyx Vance on Dog, or the Zombie Carrier on the Fast Zombie. When will it be released? As soon as I get a team, and we get it done.
  3. That's me.
  4. Trajectory One of my favorite things about physics. My common username however, is Wikipedia (When available), or Tatsumaki (Japanese for Tornado).
  5. Humor: I would generate one on one wall, and the other behind someone standing still. Place arm through, give wedgie, pull out arm, close portal(s). They would never know who did it. Laziness 1: One on the back of the fridge, other by the side of the computer (There's a wall there. Duh). Simply stick arm through, grab cold soda, open, drink. Same with food. Though I'd need to cook it... Laziness 2: One on the floor, another slightly away from the toilet, but on the ceiling. Trajectory = pee in the hole. No more needing to get up. (Yeah, I know someone said it already). Love: One by a wall of my house (inside or outside), other at my girlfriend's house (Maybe in her room ). Travel: Either one in an airplane (concealed), or in another country (also concealed), and one near or at my house. No more need to use an airplane. Revenge: Remember in the trailer, the double hole trick which builds up vertical momentum? (The one with the turret bouncing up and down and continuing to fire) Well that, but on the floor of some jackass's floor by his/her bed, and one on the pavement of oncoming traffic. Imagine seeing a semi truck coming at you the minute you wake up, but then appearing back in your room. Boy would they be buying alot of underwear. Revenge 2: Imagine waking someone who made you mad with a nice cold shower...But we aren't talking a few drops or even a bucket full. No, try more of an entire pool, or the sea flooding into their room. Simply one on the bottom of the sea floor, or a pool floor, and one on their wall, just above their bed. Epinephrine (Adrenaline) Junkie: Imagine the fun of basejumping...But instead of 1,000 feet, try 100,000 feet. Basically you could have on on the bottom of a cliff, and one at the starting point. Then simply either try being Superman, and go flying up till you fall back through the portal, or move yourself slightly and get your trajectory to fall back through the portal, and create an infinite circle effect.