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  1. Flying corpse said: Doregushin said: Flying corpse said: EJMH said: Here is a link to a free trail of a program that can grab flash files off websites. You could simply locate the file your computer has already downloaded, it should be in your temporary internet files folder . Don't waste time with a stupid program that will stop working after 30 days or so. Oh, so its stupid to go buy it like alot of other people on newgrounds(including me)? Why would you even need it? Why would you pay for something you don't need? Quote in a quote in a quote in a quote! lol sorry had to
  2. Ricksta13 said: 3.put one on a wall, then point a fan in it and put in the middle of the desert. Wtf?
  3. litigation jackson the system really works... jerks! Litigation Jackson is from
  4. ok, i think a great way to use the portal gun is to place one of them somewhere and the other one somewhere else and walk through them but somewhat seriously I would do the indefinate fall thing, its like a windtunnel that skydivers use, but way cheaper. another great use is for those pesky stairs, one at the bottom one at the top and tadaa! no problamo!
  5. Ferrett said: Sometimes you just have to grab that dog by the scruff of the neck and rub his face in it to make the lesson stick. OMG ANIMAL CRUELTY! lol
  6. yeah thats pretty easy but it should be... you deserve that cake after all youve been through... and greif therapy. (an actual portal quote, more or less)
  7. lol i was going to point out the spoiler but got beat to it. first post here btws hi everyone